1963 Bernie Sanders Arrest Video Surfaces


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

A Chicago Tribune archival photograph has emerged of a young man being arrested at a South Side protest from 1963. As it turns out, this black and white photograph actually depicts a 21 year-old Bernie Sanders as a University of Chicago student. The photo was captured by Chicago Police.

Although Sanders has spoken many times before about having always been a Civil Rights Activist, recent debate has come up over his claims due to question over a different photograph that supposedly pictured Sanders addressing students at a 1962 campus sit-in. Initially, multiple alumni identified the figure in the photo as being a man other than Sanders, but this man is no longer alive. Soon after, though, the photographer of the debated photo came into light and presented other photos from the same sequence, thus confirming Bernie Sanders’ identity.

It has been confirmed that the protest pictured was over segregation in Chicago Public Schools. Bernie Sanders was charged with resisting arrest and fined $25. The new arrest video entirely confirms Sanders’ affiliation with the movement, which could prove to be positive publicity for his campaign.

To watch the video, click this link.