Rachel Wilson, Staff Writer

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After a week of confusion, the TN Ready testing schedule has all been straightened out. Originally, we had planned to have a strange schedule for almost the entire month of February. That strange schedule would have included block classes and “funky fifth”. However, there was an issue with testing  because so many students were on the same system that it caused it to crash which forced us to reschedule. The new TN Ready schedule comes with some senior perks. On Friday March 4th, 1st through 4th period will be regular classes, 5th will be shorten to three lunch, the seniors will be allowed to leave after lunch, and then the TN Ready math will be taken.

The next testing day will be Monday, March 7th. Seniors will not come to school until fifth period due to TN ready English testing that will be going on during 1st through 4th period.  Testing will also take place on Tuesday March 8th, except this day is different because the schedule is the same and US History TN Ready testing will take place during 2nd and 3rd period. Makeup testing will take place Wednesday, March 9th.

Testing continues Monday, April 25th.  Seniors will come to school after 4th period. English testing will occur 1st through 4th period. Tuesday, March 8th, seniors will attend school until 5th period. 5th through 7th period will be TN Ready math testing.  Wednesday, April 27th, 1st through 2nd period will be TN Ready US History and 6th through 7th will be TN Ready Biology and Chemistry. The makeup test for TN Ready will take place on Thursday, April 28th. For all you non-seniors, good luck! As for the seniors, looks like we lucked out with this one.

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