Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

The public has been aware of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child since June of 2015. This addition to the infamous Harry Potter series was planned to be presented primarily as a play, as a glimpse into the life of an adult Harry Potter, and his son Albus’ struggle to live up to his family reputation. To the delight of the Potterheads unable to see the play, it was announced this week that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be also released as a book.

Pottermore, the official website of Harry Potter nerds everywhere, made the announcement that the script from the play will be published as a book. J.K. Rowling took to twitter to clarify that “The SCRIPT of #CursedChild is being published. #NotANovel #NotAPrequel”. Both parts of the play (I and II) will be released in print and digitally on July 30, 2016, which just happens to be Harry Potter’s birthday. The announcement on the Pottermore website also included a cover for the new book that is very similar to the play’s cover. Potterheads everywhere now patiently await the release of the script in order to get a glimpse into Harry Potter’s life as a father, husband, and employee of the Ministry of Magic, in addition to Albus Potter’s struggles of growing up as the son of the Boy Who Lived.