Grim Sleeper’s Streak Put to Rest

Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

Lonnie Franklin Jr. is currently charged with the murder of one girl and nine women. The murders began in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. At first, community members wanted investigations in south LA, due to the suspicion of serial murders. After some investigating, what was thought to be one serial killing known as the “Southside Slayer” turned out to be some separate men who happened to commit murders in the same area. Though one of the killings turned out to have been done by a man that later went on to kill even more people. The killings were at first called the “Strawberry Murders”. The murderer was later dubbed the nickname the “Grim Sleeper” due to the wide span of time between murders, it seemed as if he would go dormant. Out of the murders there was at least one survivor. In 1988, Enietra Washington was the only person to survive almost being killed by the Grim Sleeper. She had accepted a ride from a stranger to a friend’s house. When he had stopped at what he claimed was his uncle’s to get some money, he had shot her. Later, she was found dumped in some debris. Franklin has pleaded not guilty and is now standing trial.