The Newest Mr. Mustang


Tyra Williams, Staff Writer

The 24th Annual Mr. Mustang ran its course last night.  Our contestants were Joe Angelillo, Aaron Boyd, Anthony Brown, Gage Collins, Logan Daws, George “Dalton” Foust, Maxwell Jarrells and Zach Perry.

Our first look at contestants was formal wear, where highlight was a complete seersucker suit worn by Foust. Next we welcomed the competition with the swimsuit competition, which we encountered a full wetsuit worn by Jarrells, daisy dukes with whipped cream sported by Perry, and a nice dive (more of a belly flop) on to the stage performed by Foust.

Next segment was talent where we encountered:  a cover of a song by Passenger performed by Boyd, a nice 70’s themed dance performed by Daws with backup dancer Gavin Malone and Jack Clark, a 30 second dance performed by Foust with duet partner Samantha Churchey, a squeaky cover of “My Heart Will Go On” played on recorder by Angelilio, an updated version of “Evolution of Dance” by Brown with backup minions, Lauren Tetleton and Megan Toler, a nice dance to Partition by Jarrells, backup Beyonces were Jakub Denkiewizc and Spence Nace and a shirt ripping dance to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” by Collins, backuped by Callie Strini and Graciella Villafine.

To end it out was the interview section- where the focus seemed to be ending racism and world hunger, being successful, and not being called an “idiot.” Our newest trophy bearers include crowd favorite and best talent, Logan Daws, and best swimsuit went to Anthony Brown and the most anticipated award, Mr.Mustang went to Maxwell Jarrells.