BEYONCE announces New World Tour


Natasha Caudill, Staff Writer

Just moments after her Super Bowl 50 halftime performance,

Beyonce announced her “Formation” tour. With an average of 115 million

people tuning in to watch the halftime show, Beyonce has started tour

promotion off strong.

Ticket sales will be released Monday, February 15, with costs being

estimated from $65 to over a thousand dollars for prime seats. Beyonce is

set to start touring in April with stops in major U.S. cities as well as

European countries including Italy, Germany and Sweden. More tour

dates will be added once available shows sell out. If Beyonce’s last tour is

any indication of how “Formation” will go, she is in for quite a paycheck.

Her “On The Run” tour with Jay Z in 2014 grossed $96 million.

The “Formation” music video has already been viewed over 20

million times and many expect a new album release sometime before the

tour begins. Her self titled album released two years ago grossed $1

million in the first week of sales. As for now, people everywhere are

getting their bank accounts in formation for coveted tickets.