An Eagle Has Flown the Coop

Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

On January 18th, Glenn Frey died at the age of 67. He died due to complications from pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis. Frey had been dealing with intestinal issues for some time and had surgery in November, though his condition only progressed negatively. He was co-founder and lead guitarist for the Eagles. Frey had a very successful solo career after the Eagles broke p in the 80’s though. One of his most successful songs was “Hotel California” which really spoke to the youth of the 70’s. He reunited with the Eagles later on down the road only for their “Hell Freezes Over” tour. He was one of the great rockers that got the chance to grow up throughout the age of rock ‘n’ roll. Over all he has made eight albums and 19 singles. Frey had contributed much of his life to his music and he will be dearly missed.