‘Bama for the Win


Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

The Crimson Tide rolled over the Clemson Tigers recently at the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. The final score came down to a close 45, with Alabama scoring a well-earned victory. The game was very close though at half-time, with both Alabama and Clemson at a tie at 24, before Alabama made their move to gain the lead. Alabama decided to play keep away and then following up with an onside kick.


    “I made the decision to do it because the score was tied and we were tired on defense and weren’t doing a great job of getting them stopped and felt like if we didn’t do something or take a chance to change the momentum of the game that we wouldn’t have a chance to win,” said Nick Saban, Head Coach for Alabama. Saban’s one and only title for Alabama is that of Head Coach. He is currently the highest paid football coach at a public university, he makes $6.9 million a year. The rating were a 15.8 overnight. All together it was a great game.