The Awkward Debate Entrances


Claire Payne, Assistant Content Editor and Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 6th, the Republican debate was hosted by ABC in New Hampshire. It marked the return of Donald Trump to the stage after his recent boycott of the Fox News debate, and it also delivered the network’s largest audience on a Saturday since September 2001. However, the night started out on the wrong foot when there was a bit of confusion when the candidates entered the stage.

Initially, when Ben Carson’s name was called, the presidential candidate didn’t respond due to the fact that “[he] couldn’t hear it.” Next, just when Carson seemed ready to enter the stage, Ted Cruz cruised by, leaving Carson standing there awkwardly. Then, Donald Trump missed his name as well and stood by Carson. Once Jeb Bush’s name was called, he brushed past Trump and Carson. Saturday Night Live actor Colin Jost commented, “That is something you’ll never see again, Jeb Bush passing Donald Trump.” Just to top things off, Chris Christie pointed out that John Kasich hadn’t been introduced at all. Here is a clip of this hilarious disaster:

So far, quite a few people have decided to make their own versions of this mess, such as Stephen Colbert and “The View.” Ultimately, it seems as though many presidential candidates have failed to pass the presidential test of, ‘Can you walk successfully to a podium?’