SB 50’s Epic Halftime Show


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl 50 halftime show was most definitely one for the books. Coldplay opened the show with a brilliant mashup of “Viva la Vida” and “Yellow” that soon transitioned into “Paradise”. Lead singer Chris Martin captivated the audience with his upbeat stage presence  and frequent crowd surfing. Coldplay’s performance was complete with fireworks and colorful flags and streamers, turning the stadium into “Life in Technicolor”. “Believe in love” was spelled out by fans in the crowd using colorful placards.

Bruno Mars soon entered the stage with “Uptown Funk”, which was partially recorded in Memphis. To the delight of the crowd, Beyonce soon after made her appearance on stage. She and a group of backup dancers danced their way onto the field performing the song, “Formation” in full. The glamorous ladies behind Beyonce wore variations of black leather and matching black bell-boy caps. Beyonce wore the same black leather, and sported a golden crossed sash across her chest. During the performance, she almost fell, but Beyonce caught herself and brushed it off flawlessly.

The show wrapped up with Coldplay’s “Clocks” and a montage of selected clips from previous halftime shows, celebrating the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary. To go out on a high note, the full group (Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno) performed part of the song “Up & Up”, with colors flying throughout the stadium. It was a beautiful and memorable night.