Wisconsin High-school Sports Chant Ban

Wisconsin High-school Sports Chant Ban

Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

There are many things that make high-school sports fun. Being with friends, fun halftime shows, and chanting a few harmless jeers at opposing fans are all part of the experience. But for high-school students in Wisconsin, chanting just became a punishable offense.

This is due to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association new declarations in their “Sportsmans Reference Guide.” Usually when an association responsible for a state’s athletic activities bans a chant, it is for a very good, and very serious reason. But in the case of the WIAA, it seems they were just having a bad day. The chants in question range from the shocking “air-ball,” the emotionally damaging “ Nah, nah, hah, nah…hey-eyy goodbye” song, to the down right disrespectful “scoreboard.”

All of these chants and more were listed by the WIAA as being “inappropriate” and should be discouraged.

Wisconsin’s ban of these chants just seems crazy, especially when compared to other chants banned in other states, many of a racist nature. Many Wisconsin high-school students are upset over these bans, and many have even taken to placing tape over their mouths at games in protest. While the protest seems to be doing little to change the WIAA’s mind, the light is shed on the weird situation may help. The list of banned chants and pictures of the students protest have gone viral and have been featured on many well-know news websites. Many shared the outrage of the students and even formed a petition to reverse the ban.

Banning chants of a truly disrespectful manner is definitely a great idea. But when it comes to the playful jeers such as the ones banned in Wisconsin, it just doesn’t make sense. Those chants have been a part of the sports experience for years, and hopefully with the help of the online petition, The WIAA will see just how crazy they’ve been.