Bill Clinton BURNS Bernie


Felicia Dattilo, Staff Writer

This Sunday, February 7th,  husband of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton fired an extended attack against his wife’s opponent, senator Bernie Sanders. In his attack he, he criticized Sanders and Sanders supporters for their supposedly false and “sexist” remarks against Hillary.  This address, given at a junior high school in New Hampshire to a crowd of around 300, contains claims that Sanders’ message is “heremetically-sealed” from reality and that his healthcare plans are unrealistic. Clinton claims that Sanders supporters are attacking Hillary for the sole reason that she has “a stronger plan”.  Clinton also took time in the speech to compare the achievements of his wife to the rhetoric used by Sanders in his campaign.

This is not the first time Clinton has harshly defended his wife, however, In 2008,  once again harshly defended his wife, yet this time from senator at the time, Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders has responded to these attacks claiming that the attacks “hit below the belt”. Bernie also pointed out that Hillary Clinton has also made some unfair attacks at him in the past. Sanders told ABC News that the kind of debates he’d like to see in the future are debates that deal with the real issues, not nasty remarks. Despite his tries, Clinton’s remarks did not seem to sway voters in the New Hampshire primary, as Bernie Sanders won by 22 points on Thursday. Both candidates are confident in their abilities to take the nomination, and although many would like to hear about the issues rather than more nasty remarks, the race for nomination will undoubtedly be filled with many more attacks like these.