The 5th Wave Movie Review


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

Hollywood has, yet again, produced another dystopian film for teenage audiences. As Ohioan Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) is separated from her family during a series of alien attacks, she faces the battle to stay alive, stay hidden, and find her younger brother. Along the way, Cassie meets Evan Walker (Alex Roe) and is forced to form an alliance with him in order to survive.

The film hits the necessary points that all apocalyptic films of today are required to meet; love triangles, disease outbreak, earthquakes, and aliens. In theory, The 5th Wave should be loved by teenagers everywhere, as it mixes both unnecessary romanticism with bloody alien battles. Unfortunately, The 5th Wave was not sufficiently executed. The love stories are cheesy and underdeveloped, and the alien plot has already been overdone by other films of this kind.

Chloë Grace Moretz portrays Cassie Sullivan sufficiently enough, staying ultimately beautiful even after being shot in the leg. One of the best parts of the film is in the introduction, as Cassie is gathering up extra supplies from an abandoned gas station. At the sight of a tampon box, Cassie grabs a fist-full of tampons (something that is never addressed in other apocalyptic films). This added a small sense of reality to the film. The worst part about this character was her attempts of singing her younger brother to sleep with a serenade of Coldplay’s Don’t Panic. This was an over-the-top cheesy attempt at appealing to the teenage audience.

This film is not horrible in any way, but it’s definitely no Hunger Games. When looking for a film to merely settle the desire for teen angst in the form of dystopian alien fighting, The 5th Wave is the perfect antidote.