NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs

Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

Playoff season has finally arrived for the National Football League. After a regular season filled with blood, sweat, and tears, (mostly from fans.) Eight teams remain to battle it out for a chance at winning Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, California.

We have our regular playoff contenders such as the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Bronco’s, Green Bay Packers, and the struggling-but-still-made-it-somehow Pittsburg Steelers. While these teams playoff appearances didn’t really come as a surprise for many, there were a few teams that caught many off guard. The Arizona Cardinals, while not a bad team, has struggled with defense in recent seasons and seems to have pulled themselves together this year.

Another big surprise came from the AFC with the Kansas City Chiefs being a contender. The Cheifs haven’t had a particularly great past, with their last Super Bowl win being in 1969, but with Andy Ried driving the Chiefs to score time and time again, it seems they may have struck gold. And then comes one of the biggest shocks of the season, the Carolina Panthers coming in at number 1 in the entire NFL. To be straight forward, this team has been just plain trash in the past, coming in at the bottom of the NFC time and time again. It seems they can attribute their success to super star quarterback Cam Newton, who has thrown an incredible 3,837 yards this season and connected 35 of those for touchdowns.

This years playoff season looks like its gearing up to be a spectacular one. With as many underdogs in this years line up, there’s guaranteed to be a few upsets, and probably a Super Bowl match up we haven’t seen in a long time.