Texting a Drug Lord

Texting a Drug Lord

Mary Elizabeth Hagan, Staff Writer

The notorious drug lord and two time prison escapee, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was duped by the authorities on January 8. He was lured into the clutches of the Mexican law enforcement by a series of text messages. His admiration for Kate de Castillo, an actress, was what led to his imprisonment.

Castillo was the person who brokered the deal between actor Sean Penn and El Chapo. The transcript of the messages between Castillo and Guzman were released in a Mexican newspaper on Wednesday.

In the script of the texts, he appears to be trying to woo the actress. He even agreed to let her bring Sean Penn to the compound.

Penn and Castillo met with Guzman in a secluded part of a jungle to interview him for an upcoming article in Rolling Stone magazine. CNN reported that throughout this interview, El Chapo bragged that he had peddled “more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.”

The texts began in September 25 of last year and ended on November 9. In these messages, the correspondents used code names to maintain their safety. Guzman’s alias was Papá and Castillo’s was simply M. Here are parts of the first conversation via CNN between Guzman and Castillo:

Papá: I really want to meet you in person, friend.

M: Well, me too.

(Guzman provides details on the journey needed to reach his location)

Papá: You are the best of this world. We will be great friends … I will take care of you more than my own eyes

M: I’m beyond moved that you say you will care for me. no one has ever taken care of me, thank you!

These messages are astonishing because after all the lengths Guzman went through to conceal himself, he is willing to give it all up just to befriend someone. The drug lord does not hesitate to invite the actress into his home. His downfall was his infatuation with a beautiful woman and it led to his incarceration.