New Year’s “Resolutions”


Rachel Wilson, Staff Writer

Another new year, another sad amount of New Year’s resolutions that will never be fulfilled. As 2016 has rolled around we’ve heard the usual “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” or the “ I am done eating junk food” resolutions but deep down, we all know these resolution’s fate. We will spend the first two weeks of 2016 in the gym (if we even get that far) and then never go again until 2017 comes around. Resolutions are a nice thought, but they are totally bogus.

I myself am a victim of the hopeless new year’s resolution.  I too have tricked myself  into believing that I could immediately drop my terrible eating habits as the new year rolled around, and like most of you, I failed. The fact of the matter is this, just because it’s a new year, does not mean it is going to be any easier to achieve your goal. Although some people are strong willed enough to pull through with their resolutions, it is not the new year that allows them to do so, it is their motivation and drive. New Years resolutions are a great thought, but ultimately they are almost totally hopeless.