A Chilling Death

Kelly Gallagher, Staff Writer

Many people see the name Craig Strickland in the news as an accomplished lead singer of a band called ‘Backroad Anthem’. Over the last few weeks his image has shifted in the media due to his sudden disappearance over the Christmas holiday.  

Strickland and his friend, Chase Morland, went duck hunting at Oklahoma’s Kaw Lake, an activity the two men often did according to Morland. This trip took a turn for the worse when a severe winter storm surrounded the atmosphere where the men were hunting.  Rain and sleet pelted the area with winds up to 45 mph and a wind chill of 15 degrees F. As the storm finally came to an end, Strickland was nowhere to be found.

The search for his body went on for days. Finally, after many days of searching his body was discovered on January 5. It was evident the young country singers boat had capsized leading to his death. His cause of death was drowning and hypothermia.

Strickland’s death has for sure not gone unnoticed the past few weeks. His fellow band mates asked fans to send thoughts and prayers to Strickland’s friends and family to help get them through this hard time.

The band decided to release their song “Torn” which was the last song Craig recorded with them in his honor. As tragic as this accident was, Craig Strickland will always live on through the great music he created in his 29 years of life.