A Head Full of Coldplay


Claire Payne, Assistant Content Editor and Staff Writer

It would not be an overstatement to say that the British rock band Coldplay is one of the most successful and influential bands of the twenty-first century, considering they have sold over 60 million records worldwide. They released their seventh studio album on Friday, December 4th. The album proved to be much more upbeat and lively than their previous albums.

In Coldplay’s most recent album Ghost Stories, which was released in 2014, the mood was much darker and sulky. However, the album was released just months after Chris Martin, the lead singer, split with Gwyneth Paltrow after a twelve-year-long marriage. A Head Full of Dreams was Martin’s comeback to the music industry as even more vibrant than before.

The album features quite the remarkable people, President Obama, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, pop singer Tove Lo, and the rock band Oasis’ lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. My personal favorite hits off the album is “Amazing Day.” I always loved the piano melodies from the old Coldplay albums, so this one really hit my liking. It also shows off his vocal talent, right around 2:55, when he hits a blissful series of long notes. The story the song tells is beautifully philosophical with lyrics such as, “Forget the world and its weight.”

This worldly view is also evident in “Kaleidoscope.” This song features Obama singing Amazing Grace and a reading of a poem called The Guest House. This sort of instrumental/spoken track is not a rare occasion for Coldplay. There is another on the album called “Colour Spectrum.” For example, in Mylo Xyloto, the album was edited so that if the listener played the album in order, there would be several instrumental tracks that immediately fed into the following song, providing for a very magical musical experience.

While the album had its slow ballads, it also had many peppy upbeat songs, in particular “Adventure of a Lifetime.” This song was released as a single before the actual album was released. On the first listen, the song seems very strange and quite the divergence from a normal Coldplay song. After a few listens, it is one of the catchiest songs. The music video which was released recently is definitely my favorite part of this entire album. It features dancing monkeys, four in particular, representing the band, singing along.

Beyoncé and Avicii make their cameo in “Hymn for the Weekend.” She doesn’t ever have much of a solo but serves as the backup vocals throughout the track. This song is the party anthem with lyrics like “life is a drink, love’s a drug,” and “drinks on me, drinks on me.”

Another upbeat track is “A Head Full of Dreams.” It is the anthem of the album; it features the chorus ending, the swirling disco beats, and the echoing guitar solo. A slower anthem is “Up&Up,” which features Gallagher. The lyrics are motivating and uplifting with, “We’re gonna get it, get it together.” As the last track on the album, it serves as a bittersweet goodbye for Coldplay. Martin stated in an album that this album felt like “the closing chapter of a story, or the end of a movie… That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the band. We’re going to stay in this world for a while.”

Overall, the album served as a poignant farewell to over a decade of hits. Even if this is their last album, Coldplay’s music will continue to ring throughout the world for generations to come.