4 Tips for a Successful Exam Week

Baylor Williamson , Staff Writer

1.) Get a good nights sleep: despite what you might be thinking pulling an all nighter is the worst thing you can do on exam week. A brain that is fatigued does not retain information as well as one that a fully rested. Make sure you get your 8 hours before the big test

2.) Change things up: the human brain isn’t designed to focus on one subject for long stretches of time. So schedule your cram session in blocks, studying each subject for no more than an hour. Also changing your environment may help as well. Move from room to room with each block, this will stimulate your brain and allow you to refocus on the task at hand

3.) eat well: getting a good breakfast before your exams is vital. It will give you the energy to preform your very best. Eating healthy foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. will keep you feeling good throughout exam week

4.) study in groups: studying by yourself can be a tedious and boring process. Getting a group of friends together can make exam week alittle more exciting. You can help each other out by working together. Also friends can relieve some of the stress that comes with exams