Paul Ryan tapped to be new Speaker


Mary Elizabeth Hagan, Staff Writer

Republican party member and U.S. Representative of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan, was elected as the new speaker of the House. He has served as Representative of Wisconsin’s first congressional district since 1999 and was recently appointed Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

In past years, he has served on the House Budget Committee as Chairman. In the 2012 elections, he was the Republican party’s choice for Vice President alongside the Presidential pick, Mitt Romney. In 2013, the no Speaker of the House negotiated the Bipartisan Budget Act with Patty Murray. On October 29, 2015, he replaced John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

Ryan had an easy first week as Speaker without the infighting his predecessor experienced with the Republican Party. His first week in office has been dubbed a “honeymoon” with the conservatives. But, the goodwill might not last as long as hoped because Ryan has many tough choices in the weeks ahead. He must decide if he is willing to push the decision to defund Plan Parenthood and take a firm stance on other conservative agendas.

In his first week, Ryan was able to push a bipartisan transportation through. This was one of the first, long-needed, highway and infrastructure construction bills during this decade. Ryan reflects on this bill on, ”It cuts waste. It prioritizes good infrastructure. It will help create good-paying jobs. And it is the result of a more open process.” Many of the conservatives who had a problem with Boehner were happy they could say their piece about the highway bill.

Ryan’s interviews on November 1 were all an effort to set himself apart from John Boehner. Paul Ryan attended interviews at all five Sunday talk shows, as apposed to Boehner who was very selective about publicity.

At the weekly meeting with all of the House Republicans, his disciplined opinions and overall conservative message earned him a standing ovation because he is dedicated to the conservative agenda.