Jayna Choi is the bomb-diggity


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

The name Jayna Choi has been buzzing around the hallways at Houston within the past few weeks. This incredible Freshman is listed as the top player in Tennessee, and ranks 18th in the nation (according to Polo Golf Rankings). One of the most interesting factors about Jayna Choi is that she has been chosen to represent Team USA for the 2015 Evian Masters Juniors Cup in France. She was the first selected in the country to participate in this incredible event.

On September 30th, Choi won the individual championship of the AAA state golf championship, with a score seven strokes above two-time champion Aubree Jones from Brighton High School. This gave Houston our second girls champion since 2008. Coach Bell told The Commercial Appeal that although Choi will get headlines, the win was a team effort. He did credit Choi for playing well under pressure as he explained, “There were coaches from Georgia, Auburn, MTSU all following her around.” Choi was also very humble in speaking about her victory to The Pony Express  as she explained, “It felt cool leading my team to victory, but I still couldn’t do it without them.”

The Pony Express was able to interview this ambitious young lady about her accomplishments, and even learned the inside scoop on Jayna Choi.

Her routine is as follows: “ I practice everyday after school until dark. After I come back home I start my homework and study and go to bed at around midnight or later. During the practice, I hit some balls and do the short game and putting practice. After I finish all my practice I go to the course for several holes to see if my practice is well done. During the weekend, I continue the golf practice, but I also spend most time in church.”

When she’s not doing homework or practicing her swing, she likes hanging with her friends, relaxing, listening to music, and singing. As you can see, Choi is a very busy individual.

Her inspiration for playing golf comes from her older brother, Jacob Choi, who was also selected to play in the Evian Masters Juniors Cup five years ago. Because her father always took her to her brother’s practices, Choi has grown up always wanting to be a golfer.

Choi explained that she has been working hard toward being selected for the Juniors Cup, so this experience is very exciting for her. She plans on continuing to play into her adulthood. Her future plans include, “ going to college to get a good education but [her] adulthood goal is to be a player for the Ladies Professional Golf Association” She is thankful for, “the support and encouragement from family, friends, teammates, our coach, teachers, and principal.” She laughs, “I’m basically thankful for everyone at Houston.” She hopes to one day become a professional golfer, like Lydia Ko. Jayna Choi is a very determined young lady, she is destined to do great things.