Senior Miss 2015


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 10th, Houston High School held the twenty-fourth annual Senior Miss Pageant, put on by Houston’s DECA chapter. Fifteen of Houston’s finest young ladies took center stage in competition for various scholarships, with the proceeds of the event going to St. Jude in honor of  Houston Junior Allie Allen.

    The Pageant consisted of three competitions: interview, evening gown, and talent. The interview portion took place before the event truly began. A panel three judges individually interviewed the young ladies, each representing a different school club. Afterwards, the contestants gathered together to get ready for the evening gown and talent portion of the Pageant. At 6:30, the girls took stage in their glamorous gowns, and then portrayed their unique talents to the audience and judges. From Taekwondo to lyrical contemporary dance to incredible musical pieces, the array of talents varied from person to person, but never failed to impress.

The final winners are as follows:

Community Service: Mary Margaret Grant

Talent: Caroline Draffin

Interview: Julia Harris

Crowd Favorite: Kennedie Toney

Scholastic Merit: Allison Boden

3rd Runner Up: Julia Harris

2nd Runner Up: Mary Margaret Grant

1st Runner Up: Heather Foreman

Overall Winner: Nathalie Prior

    Although there were individual winners, each contestant was incredibly impressive. The event ended up raising $1,150 for St. Jude in honor of Allie Allen, and $900 in scholarships was distributed deservingly to the winning ladies. The night turned out to be another successful Senior Miss for Houston High.