Spotify vs. Apple Music


Claire Payne, Assistant Content Editor and Staff Writer

In the past ten years, Internet radio has become increasingly popular. Whether it’s on your iPhone or your laptop, there are many music streaming services to choose from. The two most popular of those are Spotify and Apple Music. The question is which one is better and are they worth paying monthly for?

Spotify, with more 75 million users according to The Spotify Team, is the world’s most widely used subscription music service.

Spotify has a lot to offer, including: the Discover Weekly playlist, a weekly playlist of 30 songs recommended to you from Spotify; fantastic playlists for every mood, genre, and even activity; the Spotify Running feature which detects your running speed and plays music to match your tempo throughout your run; and many others.

Apple Music only has eleven million trial users, but has only been active since the beginning of August. The streaming service first debuted, priding itself in the fact that it gives listeners the feeling of “walking into an independent record shop,” according to Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails singer who helped launch the Beats 1 radio station.

Apple Music’s most popular feature is the Beats 1 radio station. It is played 24/7 in 100 countries and is staffed by many DJ’s. The music streaming service also features a blog platform where artists share media with fans called Connect. It also features a music recommendation tab called “For You.” When you first sign up for the free trial, you select your favorite bands and genres, and it selects a few albums and playlists that you might enjoy.

However, a few of these features come at a cost. With a free account on Spotify, you can only shuffle the playlists and albums on your mobile device and must suffer through the incredibly annoying and long ads. Though, you do have extra features on a laptop. For your first three months, premium service is only 99 cents a month, but after that it costs $10 per month. Apple Music offers a three-month free trial membership, but then costs $10 per month.

Now with all these nice details and features, I still haven’t answer the question: which one is better? If you are more interested in discovering music and spending hours going from playlist to playlist, I would definitely choose Apple Music. It has a plethora of playlists for different bands like “Arcade Fire: Influences,” which includes artists who inspired the indie rock band Arcade Fire, and “Sampled: Led Zeppelin,” including songs that sampled Led Zeppelin throughout the years.

If you are more interested in listening to your preferred artists and playlists, I would recommend Spotify because it is much easier to navigate. You can easily make new playlists, and you have easy access to any artist or album, excluding The Beatles, of course. All in all, both music streaming services are equally as important and impressive.