Bangkok Bombing


Mary Elizabeth Hagan, Staff Writer

On August 17, 2015, a bombing took place at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand. The blast was fatal, killing twenty bystanders and injuring 125 others. This has been the third bombing in Thailand this year. When authorities reviewed the security footage, they saw a suspect planting a backpack shortly before the blast.

Thai authorities have detained the suspect after three weeks of searching. The suspect was seen wearing a yellow shirt in camera;he was trying to cross over the Thai border into Cambodia.

The man arrested is mostly likely not the same man that planted the bomb. The assailant was thought to have left a bank envelope in the taxi he used to flee the scene. The envelope has been said to have the bomber’s DNA on it. After the arrest of the suspected criminal, Thai authorities ran a DNA comparative test. The detainee and the bomber did not have the same DNA. Though he did not commit the bombing, this suspect did assist in the bombing claims Thai authorities. “Now we don’t have any evidence to say that he is the yellow-shirted man … from the investigation maybe he is not (the yellow-shirted man),” national police spokesman, Prawut, told reporters. “However, he is definitely involved with the bombing.”

Thai police are positive that the detained man is a participant in the bombings because his DNA was found at the apartments where authorities discovered bomb- making materials. Police arrested another suspect from these apartments. There currently have warrants for the arrest of seven suspects.

The temple where the bombing took place has already been opened to the public. The Thai government was hoping to boost national moral with the swift opening. In order not to discourage tourism in Thailand and hurt their image abroad, the government is refusing to call the bombing an act of terrorism. The minister of culture commented on this,”The most important issue for the country’s image is to restore confidence about safety,” He said the unveiling of the retired temple was supposed to “create confidence and raise the morale of (Thai) people and tourists”.

The authorities are no closer to detaining any other suspects. They are still on the hunt conducting raids and city wide searches.