Student Spotlight on Matt Scamardo


Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

The Houston High Band is one of the best in the state, placing highly in almost every competition. To reach this level of success, it takes hard work from both the band directors and the student leaders. I talked to senior Matt Scamardo, baritone section leader, about his experience with music and what being a section leader in the Houston High-school band means.


Patrick: When did you get involved with band?


Matt: “I started band in 6th grade at Houston Middle School.”


Patrick: What made you want to join the band?


Matt: “My uncle plays the trumpet in Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans, Louisiana, and he just got me started into playing instruments.”


Patrick: What is the job/ some of the responsibilities of being a section leader?


Matt: “ Being a section leader, you have to make sure your section is at practice and doing what they’re supposed to be doing. You also need to be making sure they know their music and how to march. Also make sure they’re having a good time too.”


Patrick: Do you enjoy being a section leader?


Matt: “ I absolutely LOVE being a section leader. Just being a leader and having people looking up to you, in my opinion, is pretty cool.”


Patrick: Do you have any plans to continue with music into college or beyond?


Matt: “Looking forward to my college years. And hopefully I’ll be a member in a college band.”