Movies You Should See in Theatres

This month is an especially exciting one for the box office. In particular, mafias, captives, chess champions, and maze runners will take over the theatres.

Johnny Depp will feature as Boston gangster Whitey Bulger who collaborates with the FBI to eliminate the Italian mafia in Black Mass. The movie is based off a book which introduced the world to one of the biggest informant scandals in FBI history. According to many reviews, Depp once again captivates audiences with his expert ability to play any part. Though very similar to other mobster movies, this particular one is still a convincing, true-life tale of power and nastiness.

Another crime-drama thriller based on a non-fiction book will appear at the movies called Captive. Now, take note that this is not the same thing as Ryan Reynold’s The Captive in 2014. Captive will feature the story of an escaped prisoner who kidnaps a young woman to use as a hostage during his court trial. It will feature David Oyelowo (who played MLK Jr. in Selma) and Kata Mara (House of Cards). If you would like to enjoy a suspenseful, thrilling, inspiring, but still creepy movie, you should definitely check it out.

Tobey Maguire will feature as American chess champion and absolute genius Bobby Fischer in Pawn Sacrifice. This movie outlines the true story of chess prodigy Fischer who finds himself caught between two world powers when he challenges the Soviet Empire during the Cold War. According to many critics, Maguire perfectly chronicles Fischer’s chilling struggled with genius and madness. Now, not just any actor could play this kind of role. Only few in the past have actually been able to portray this story accurately. With a gripping performance and a fascinating tale, Pawn Sacrifice makes for a movie that you should definitely check out.

Now, if you aren’t really into nonfiction and love getting lost into the worlds of science fiction, here’s the one for you.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the sequel to dystopian science fiction thriller film The Maze Runner. If you have not seen The Maze Runner, I would advise that you watch the first movie before the second. These movies are a personal favorite. I got lost in the captivating world so perfectly described in the novels.

In the novels and movies, a group of young boys and one girl are placed on a mysterious area of land surround by a dangerous maze. In the first Maze Runner, the group explores the maze and uses the clues to get a better understanding of the maze and why they were placed there. In the sequel, the group will continue to search for clues about their mysterious situation. This movie makes for the perfect adventurous and captivating film to enjoy this weekend.