6 Tips for College Applications

Claire Payne, Assistant Content Editor and Staff Writer

The fall of your senior year is probably one of the most hectic times of your adolescence. Amidst the Friday night football games and schoolwork, Seniors are somehow expected to submit college applications, write admissions essays, and make the daunting choice of where they will spend the next four years. Here are a few tips to help get through the mountains of college applications:



  1. Keep your social media clean. Believe it or not, admission counselors will most definitely check your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep the red solo cups and confederate flags off your Instagram.
  2. Keep up with the deadlines. Senior year is extremely chaotic and eventful. In between the tireless hours of senior shirt making and the many football games, you will definitely forget about your college application deadlines. I advise putting all of your application deadlines into your calendar app on your phone.
  3. Start the dreaded college essay early. If you keep putting it off, you will end up writing it the night before the application is due. The earlier you start it, the more time you have to tweak your essay and correct your silly spelling mistakes.
  4. Be real on your college essay. You might be thinking the more technical, lofty diction, the better, but really you should make it sound like you’re just telling them a story about who you are. Admissions counselors will only remember the essays that stand out, so just make sure yours is different.
  5. Don’t be afraid to visit colleges. It sounds a lot more stressful than it really is. It’s surprisingly a lot of fun, and it’s really great to step on campus and get a feel for what it is really like.
  6. Have at least one safety school. I know you might be 100% sure you’re getting into your dream college, but there is still a chance that you might not get in.