Clubs: How to Pick the One that’s Right for You


Felicia Dattilo, Staff Writer

Houston offers us an abundance of clubs and activities that we can choose from and participate in. With all these choices, though, it can be hard to pick the right one or even pick one at all. When considering which clubs you want to participate in this year, here are some of Houston’s largest clubs to help you decide.



HOSA: Health Occupations Students of America or HOSA is great if you’re interested in a job in the medical field. At the club meetings, you might discuss volunteer opportunities or discuss the upcoming HOSA competitions. If you’re not serious about your interest in medicine (and you’re just looking for a place to go during club meetings or looking to just slap something down on your college application) HOSA probably isn’t the best choice.



International: International club is the club to join if you want to learn about other cultures or occasionally try foreign cookies or candies. It’s where you should go if you’re looking to be involved in Houston’s annual International Extravaganza. During club meetings, you might see a slideshow about another country or view videos from the previous year’s international festival. It’s also a really large club, which can be helpful if you’re looking to meet some new people!



Key Club: Key Club is a good club to join if you’re looking to do some volunteer work to put on college and job applications. The club requires students to complete a set number of volunteer hours at approved locations. A great club if you’re interested in helping others through volunteering, but not so great if you’re just looking for a club where the most effort you have to put in is signing up.



Honor Societies: Houston offers a large variety of honor societies to join if you’ve shown outstanding in a subject. Foreign language honor societies are available for people who enjoy the language they take and show they have an exceptional understanding of the language. International Thespian Society is offered for students especially interested in Houston’s theater program or a general interest for theater. Rho Kappa is Houston’s social studies honor society for students who show interest and skill in social studies courses. Honor societies are great if you want to show colleges your deep interest in a subject.



SGA: Student government is a really great club to consider if you’re looking to get involved at Houston. It can be a great place to look for student leadership opportunities if you think that’s right for you. They’re also in charge of lots of school events (like homecoming). It’s another fairly large club that can help you meet lots of new people.



Horizons: Horizons is Houston’s club for people who are interested in interacting with Houston’s special needs students. Horizon participants offer Houston’s special needs students an opportunity to participate in a club experience. Horizon student’s also help organize the Horizon’s field day. If you’re interested in helping others, Horizon’s is a great place to start!