Supermarket Showdown


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

Within the past two months, Germantown has been presented with three “new” grocery stores ­­­­­­—Sprouts (July 8th), a remodeled Kroger (August 12th), and Whole Foods (August 18th). With all of the new places to shop, locals are left asking, where’s the best place for me?



In an attempt to discover the ideal shopping location, The Pony Express took an inside look at each of the new stores and compared their features and prices.



The new Kroger was truly impressive; it was nothing like the Krogers that Germantown residents are accustomed to. It contained a Corky’s, Starbucks, juice bar, pizzeria, growler, and a sushi bar.



Likewise, Whole Foods featured a coffee bar, bakery, Korean Kitchen restaurant, and a growler. Whole Foods also had a very elaborate layout of freshly made dishes for those on the go.



Unfortunately, Sprouts really had nothing to offer in terms of restaurants and trendy food bars, but they did have an enormous selection of produce throughout the store. Although it was a close tie, Whole Foods wins the award for the coolest and most numerous dining and shopping features.



In terms of price, strawberries and milk costs were compared among the three stores. For a generic gallon of milk, Kroger’s cost $3.09 and both Whole Foods’ and Sprouts’ milk cost $3.49. For the same package of strawberries, Kroger’s cost $2.50, Whole Foods’ cost $4.99, and Sprouts’ cost $2.99. Kroger obviously won price-wise.



My advice is as follows:

  1. If you are a super-trendy Germantowner, seeking a taste of urban life, shop at Whole Foods. It may be pricey, but it is definitely the most elaborate and interesting of the three.
  2. If you are a Germantowner on a budget seeking the necessities in a unique environment, Kroger is for you. The remodeled store kept the Kroger prices we know and love, in addition to some nice little shops inside to make you feel as though you have the money to shop at Whole Foods.
  3. If you are someone who is a produce-freak, I suggest you shop at Sprouts to get your veggie-fix, then retreat back to Kroger or Whole Foods for the rest of your shopping.


In conclusion, Germantown residents should be ecstatic about the emerging Germantown grocery-scene. Whole Foods has surfaced as the preference in an unfound poll, where you can go to pretend that you are not a teenager working for minimum wage at my part-time job, but we strongly urge everyone to check out each of the new stores for themselves— you never know which will be your favorite until taste the merchandise for yourself.