“The Rope”

The Rope

Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

Many students may have noticed a new addition to the upstairs hallway intersection. A red rope, much like ones used to form ticket lines at a movie theatre, has appeared. It even has a Mrs. Matykiewicz to go with it. So, what is the rope? What does it do? I asked Mr. Traverse, creator of the rope, a few questions to get to the bottom of this.



What is the main purpose of the rope?

Mr. Traverse: To combat the congestion problem at the “T.”  For about three minutes between classes, so many students are walking toward the “T” from rooms 200-219 and the stairwell that students trying to go the opposite way have nowhere to walk.  The result has been gridlock.

What gave you the idea that the rope would help the hall situation?

Mr. Traverse: I acted as a human traffic cone by standing in the middle of the hall for several days. This seemed to clear up the gridlock pretty well.

When was the rope first enacted?

Mr. Traverse: We started at the beginning of last week (the 24th).  Assistant Principal Matykiewicz did all the work.

Has the rope served its purpose in your opinion?

Mr. Traverse: Absolutely. Traffic at the “T” is still a bit overwhelming, but at least now it keeps moving.



So the rope has been a success in the eyes of Mr. Traverse. It has helped speed up the flow of traffic in between classes immensely, and made reaching class on time more of an achievable goal. I am looking forward to seeing more helpful innovations from Mr. Traverse to ease the burden of traffic in the school.