The College Gap Year

The College Gap Year

Baylor Williamson, Staff Writer

More and more high school seniors are choosing to take a gap year before heading off to college. This is many parents worst nightmare; they fear that once their child strays away from education they will not return. But prestigious colleges such as Princeton and Harvard encourage it and some offer scholarships for freshman who have opted to take a gap year. Research supports that students who take time off after high school to travel, volunteer, or work are more mature and genuinely interested in continuing their education when they return.

For students who are interested in taking a Gap Year it’s important for you to put a plan in place. No matter what you are looking to do on your gap year, whether its helping children in Africa or exploring the culture and history of Europe, you can find a program to fit you. Gapforce, Raliegh international, oyster worldwide, are just some of the many programs out there. They all offer a variety of planned out routes with an official organization, which will give you and your parents both some peace of mind. You can learn more about these and explore other programs at

Remember to apply for college even if you are planning to take a year off. You can always defer enrollment after you are accepted. Knowing you have a plan for your life when you return will allow you to enjoy your hiatus worry free. As well your parents may be more accepting of this decision knowing that you haven’t completely blown off your education, instead just put it on hold.

Taking a gap year isn’t for everyone, but I believe many students could benefit from it. If you are feeling burnt out on school a break could be good for you. It will give you the chance to experience the world and learn what it is you love to do.