Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts

Angelica Omar, Reporter

Mother’s Day is coming up and that means getting your mom a little something for everything that she does. However, this does not have to be a wallet-breaking process. Most mothers realize that their children do not have money so there is no reason to go and buy the most expensive item you can think of.

An easy gift is a dozen roses. This is a simple present that almost every mother will appreciate. Flowers are fairly cheap and show that you thought about her and made an effort to make her happy.

Another easy idea is to make breakfast in bed for your mother. Getting up a little earlier than everyone else to make your mother’s favorite breakfast is simple and easy that is sure to start her day off right.

One more simple idea is taking your mother to brunch. Team up with your dad and take her out to a brunch for a fun relaxing afternoon. She will be sure to enjoy and appreciate the idea. However, make sure you have reservations because finding a good place to eat on Mother’s Day will be stressful and hard to come across.

Overall, you don’t have to spend all of your money on your mother. A simple idea that represents the amount you care for her will suffice. One last thing to include with all of the ideas is to tell her how much you love her and treat her like a queen for one day.