Michigan Introduces Coach Hatch

Maggie Crigler, Reporter

Austin Hatch has been through a lot more than a normal college student. Austin has lived through not only one plane crash but two. Back in 2003, his family was flying to their summer home when the small engine went down nose-first into a garage along a residential street north of Charlevoix Municipal Airport. The crash killed his mother, sister, and brother. He and his father both walked away. He has put in his anger from the accident into playing basketball.

Hatch is a 6 foot 6 guard. He is good enough to get signed to play for the University of Michigan. His father later got remarried to a lady who also had kids and together they formed a new family. Life was turning around for the Hatch father and son  until 2011 when the step mother, father and Austin got into another serious plane crash when the plane flew into a garage near Charleviox Municipal Airport in northern Michigan that killed both his father and step mother. Ten days after he verbally commited to play for Michigan. With physical therapy he was able to walk, catch, and shoot the ball, however, not as well as he used to.

Now Austin has decide to become an assistant coach.“ As I have progressed through this first season, I know that I am not where I want to be, both academically and athletically,” Austin said. The NCAA will continue to pay for Hatch’s schooling along with not effecting the count against the team. “ Basketball has always been a huge part of my life. However it is what I play, not who I am.”