Top 15 Seniors: Where Are They Attending School?

Angelica Omar, Reporter

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            Houston has a reputation of outstanding, hardworking students. There are 15 students in the senior class that have managed to stand out with the highest grade among the 400 students . All the work each student has put in throughout his or her four years in high school is finally worth it. Here are the top 15 students of the 2015 senior class and where each student is attending college:
1. Kelsey Stevenson – Tulane University
2. Arunabh Singh – Vanderbilt University
3. Collin McLeod – Oklahoma University
4. Joshua Lin – Vanderbilt University
5. Muhammad Feroze – Pittsburgh University
6. Ronald Nelson – Alabama University
7. Hannah Kim – Alabama University
8. Luke Folse – Indiana University
9. Matthew Hunter – Georgia Institute of Technology
10. Sheila Tran – Memphis University
11. John Durden – Northwestern University
12. Samuel Naids – Alabama University
13. Christian Humphrey – Alabama University
14. Olivia Howell – Alabama University
15. Julia Hostetter – Northeasteren University
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