Senior Festivities

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

As the senior students of Houston High School conclude their final year, they indulge in senior festivities. The Senior Awards took place on the 24th of April with the Senior picnic following shortly afterwards.

The award ceremony was held in the school auditorium. Teachers voted on students they felt fit many categories. Categories such as “Best Editior” and “_” were featured in the ceremony.

Following the awards, the students gathered after receiving their yearbooks for the annual school picnic. Senior students socialized on the football field while enjoying food from the grill. Hamburgers and hotdogs were served with chips and cookies. The students took pictures in their chosen schools for the upcoming fall and signed the yearbooks as they reminenced over there senior year.

After eating lunch outside, students gathered in the auditorium to view the senior video. The senior video is a year long project pieced together by the Houston High School News Team. A collection of clips from every sport offered here at Houston was represented in the video. Student interviews and mincellaneous mingeling among the senior class were also included, making the students laugh and even jerk a few tears.

The students were handed there cap, gowns, stoles, and tassels to conclude the weekend.