Houston’s Art Show

Kelsee Woods, Reporter

The lobby of Houston High School has been decked with the art of its students for nearly a month for the annual spring art show. The show took place Thursday, the 23rd displaying pieces from students ranging from Art 1 all the way through AP.

The show was judged by Tad Lauritzen Wright, alumni and professor at Memphis College of Art. The show was judged in the catagories of levels 1-AP, best in the show, best AP portfolio, and people’s choice. Nearly one thousand dollars was given away to over twenty talented students. The winning pieces hang in the lobby with the appropriate colored ribbons (pink for Art 1, green for Art 2, blue for Art 3, and white for AP Art).

Anthony Bennett, Ivy Edwards, Matt Hatchel, Katie Justis, Tehseen Khan were all top picks for the People’s Choice Award. Students, parents, and teachers voted for their favorite pieces and Ivy Edwards’s “Birth of Death” was the winner.

Students who were awarded with the title “Best in the Show” won fifty dollars each. This includes: Anthony Bennett, Ivy Edwards, Katie Justis, Zach Smith, and Kevin Won. All of these artists were AP students.

An award was given for students who created a series of pieces. These pieces were displayed together and was presented by the AP students. First place was awarded to Ivy Edwards along with forty-five dollars, Kevin Won received forty dollars for second place,Katie Justis with third place and thirty-five dollars and Robert Fairchild with twenty-five dollars. These artists have the title of the best portfolios in the show.

Individual pieces were chosen and were awarded with first place through honorable mention. Artists received cash prizes and ribbons with appropriate colors depending on the level of art.