What I Wish I Knew Four Years Ago

Ashley Markle , Reporter

Walking into Houston High School, I didn’t know what to expect. There were adult looking teenagers, teachers ready to give us piles of work, and confusing hallways. Little did I know, I was very wrong.

After the first week, once the nerves had settled, I easily found my way. I knew where to sit at lunch, what hallways to avoid during specific period changes, and what teachers were okay with phones. If I had known walking into high school the first day of freshman year that I would end up missing it when I am about to graduate as a senior, I wouldn’t believe it.

In my four years here, I have learned a few things I feel everyone needs to know. High school is not as scary as you think it is. The first day of school is beyond intimidating, I can’t lie. However, once you learn where you are and what is expected of you, it comes easier. When you walk into a teacher’s classroom, stay calm. You’re as new to them as they are to you. They will give you a small grace period to adjust to the high school life.

The other kids in this school know where everything is and they know how to push through the hallways. If you get shoved a few times, don’t let it bother you. This school has almost 2000 students; you’re bound to be knocked into.

Also, the teachers at Houston are here to help you. Some may be a little more strict, but their goal is to teach you so you can become a better student and go further in life. When they give you a lot of work, they do it to push you to do your best. Keep going and don’t give up. The stress is temporary but the defeat of quitting is forever.

Here at Houston High School, we are a community. We push each other to reach potential. Our school is an amazing place with an indescribable experience. Excellence is not an option, do your best and keep going.