Memphis In May

Memphis In May

Mckenzie Steiff , Reporter

Memphis in May is rapidly approaching this year as we spring closer and closer to summer. The streets of Memphis will be jammed with the people of the Midsouth to see acts of the talented and cultured. This year Memphis is hosting many outstanding acts and will be saluting the country of Poland. Memphis is known for its world famous barbeque, so why not have a couple of days dedicated to our passion for it? The festival concludes with the AutoZone Sunset Symphony will perform in Tom Lee Park.

Memphis in May will be opening with the annual Beale Street Music Festival. From the 1st through the 3rd the stages will be hosting amazing singers. Single tickets will cost forty dollars, a three- day pass for $15 dollars extra for a total of $95. The V.I.P pass can be purchased for $595, without parking, $695 with parking.

Musical headliners will be: John Fogerty, The Avett Bros., Five Finger Death Punch, Wilco, Pixies, Ryan Adams, The Flaming lips, Cage the Elephant, Lenny Kravits, Paramore, Ed Sheeran, and Hozier. Don’t get too excited.

Every year Memphis hosts a different country; this year we will be saluting Poland. The Polish will be performing at the Germantown Performing Arts Center during International week. From May 4th though the 9th the major exhibits, performances, musical acts, speakers, and an International Gala. Some acts will be all throughout the month held at museums and performing arts centers.

Who doesn’t like a good slab of barbeque ribs? From May 14th -16th the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest will be held at the Tom Lee Park. Hundreds of Memphis’s finest barbeque cooks will be competing to win $111,000. During the contest the “Ms.Piggy Idol”, booth contests, and a t-shirt contest.

For the grand finale the 2015 AutoZone Sunset Symphony will end Memphis In May on the 23rd. The event is actually ironic; this will be commemorating the AutoZone Sunset Symphony’s last show for 39 years. There will be an amazing performance by the Memphis symphony Orchestra, special guests and at the end of the night, an expanded fireworks event.