Senior Wills: W-Z

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: W-Z

I, Hailey Walker, being of restless mind and tired body, leave these things to the following people. To my sister Beverly, I give you my rare moments of wit for making me laugh these three years she has been with me. To remaining members of the Drama Club, I leave you my dedication to a role so that your character stick out or at the very least so you don’t find yourself in awkward silence on stage. To Raven Bess, I leave you my creativity with the hope that you and your artwork will get noticed. Goodbye Houston High. All of you are one year closer to the end so stay positive and don’t get lazy.

I, LeAndrea Wallace, being of Albert body and Beyonce body, leave behind an inimitable legacy. First, to concert choir, I leave my musical passion. Thanks for an amazing time from Freshman year until now. To Dolce Bella girls, I leave my outlandish faces and my irrefutable sass. To Olivia and Kelsey, I leave my love. You guys are so talented and inspiring, I will miss y’all dearly. To the girls basketball team and Coach Elliot and Coach Becker I leave my top notch organization skills. To Jaida, I leave my sanity, because Lord knows you need some. To Kyle, Yeet, and Lauren, I leave ALL HAIL, even though y’all created it. Yeet, I leave the death drop and my ghetto impersonations. Lets get our white jackets next year! To my sweet Elle, I leave my endless hugs and warm smiles. To Antonio, I leave my “normal” and my love. And lastly, to Allie Bailey, I leave everything, my riffs and runs, my awkward dance moves, and my animal sounds. I love you so much and you’re such a beautiful girl inside and out. I’ll miss you dearly! Thanks Houston

I, Peyton Warren, being of sound mind and sound body, have decided my senior quote. “I hate you guys.”

I, Gracie Weiss, being of scattered mind and long body, leave Mallory Carty my Alabama t-shirt, the works, Cody Ko vines, and all my love. I also leave Kelly Gallagher car rides, Goon Squad and Grace and Lea. To Jordan Hornsby, and Lauren Irvine I leave the Emmanuel youth group and Seba. To Sophie Cowan I leave Za and Harry Styles. To Bailey Dumlao and Katy Keenan, I leave the theatre department. To the upcoming Seniors, do it big and have fun. To the new Senior VP, Anna Paula Della Rosa, I leave the senior hallway. Good luck with that. #SGOD forever. Deuces Houston, its been real.

I, Samantha Welch, being of procrastinating mind and crippled body, leave Garrett Holmes my jumper cables in case of emergency. I leave Mariana Prieto endless amounts of phone chargers. Don’t lose them! I leave Kaitlyn Keppen the ability to be everyone’s favorite child no matter what. I leave Hannah Thomas a neck brace for when she rides with Abby in the car. I leave Kennedy Sanders the title of being my best friend. And last and most definitely not least, I leave Fatah Hashmi common sense and the ability to not be stupid and stay out of trouble.

I, Kelsey Wells, being of hungry mind and sweatpants body, leave annoying criminal justice classes to Shelby Walker. To Madelyn, Ally, and Baylor, I leave Coach Becker’s 7th period. To Taylor Warren, I leave every bad bone in my body (as long as she promises to use them wisely). Caitlyn gets to keep the looks and the body that I can only WISH I had. Hailey Elliot just has to promise to keep being the most adorable person on this planet. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to become so close to some of you all! Have the best senior year you possibly can! And don’t forget to come visit me at U of M next year!

I, Ryan White, being of wired mind and duck hunting body, leave behind my truck to Corey Martin. The keys to shop to Travis Arthur and the gateway path to getting turnt to Dean Williams.

I, Gaina aka GiGi, being of sound mind and truck built body, leave my fun memories and turn up sessions to my track girls. I would like to leave Midori White my lapdancing abilities. To Jasmine Graham, I leave my goofiness and Jasmyn Pitcher, I leave my car keys to take joy rides everyday after school. To Jayla Smith, I leave my endless scandalous stories, boy troubles, and box jumps. To my track family, I leave my love, happiness, and my endless supply of spandex.

I, JonWesley Wright, being of ill mind and glorious body, I leave my women of various ethnicities and jaw-dropping swagger to my younger brother Matthew and Fatah Hashmi. I leave my liveliness and social abilities to Anna Della Rosa (she’s kind of awkward at first). I also leave good spirits luck to William Lee. “It was all a dream” –Juicy/The Notorious B.I.G.

I, Kevin Won, being of enigmatic mind and empty body, will go to space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Legendary Eagle Master named Kevin Won. His continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek at new life, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

I, Cameron Young, being of battered mind and beaten body, leave the pact to any upcoming senior that feels like they can bare nature’s harshest elements for all 180 days of their senior year. Good luck…

I, Hailey Zuvers, being of confused mind and exhausted body, hereby leave all my morning car rides and Guardians of the Galaxy to Sarah Waddell. Have fun with them and don’t get hooked on a feeling. To Bryson Russell, I leave my really bad musical puns and Fallout: New Vegas. Don’t go crazy. Go outside sometimes, to see the sun. To Beverly Walker, I leave my Corn Maze experience. You’ll be a wonderful leader! To Mykal Bane, I leave all my jeans and tshirts with hope that for once I’ll look cuter than her, but it’s not gonna happen. To the cast and crew of Pirates and Penzance, I leave you guys all of my theater ambitions and all the hugs I can give. You all will go far in life and I can’t wait to see it happen.