Senior Wills: S-T

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: S-T

I, Hollie Seifer, being of big orange mind small body, leave Shelby my jeep and entertaining mom and dad. I leave Zach our morning car rides and my rants to you. I leave Olivia my puppy and our dinner dates with Ashley and Shelby. I leave our crazy conversations and laughter to Hailey Jeselson. I leave many more exciting classes with Mrs. Davis to Mariana and Taylor. Lastly, to Theresa I leave counting down the time till practice ends and being “inside the hour.”

I, Nate Spann, being of enlightened mind and physically attractive body, leave my indigo soul to every individual I have encountered. To Devonte Dickerson, I leave my brotherly love and encouragement. To Kyle Szalay, I leave my mystical, winged backpack. To each student, I leave the unforgettable memories of me.

I, McKenzie Stafford, being of silly mind and sassy body, leave Natalie our Big Mac, Dewin our Spanish class and cokes, Cameron hammy, Juli “turn up,” Molly looks in the hallway, Mrs. Wallace a one pound bag of gummy worms, Ally my chemistry struggles, and the DECA empire, Logan car rides with mom, Hannah snowcones and two more amazing years of high school. To Sarah Grace I leave you my love/hate, a fantastic senior year, and you’ll always have a place to stay! Thanks for the memories HHS, I’ll miss you! SGOD forever xoxo

I, Kelsey Stevenson, being of strong mean and weak body, leave Marah Barnhart OOSC and a forest of trees, Allison Boden a big bird and many more car jams to our theme song, Ben Leonard my juggling skills and my Lexus, for Laura Phelps I leave Mr. Anderson, for Jonathan Scholes I leave Leonardo DiCaprio, and for Harrison Exley, I leave two puppies and a never ending basket of Huey’s sweet potato fries.

I, McKenzie Stieff, being of wandering mind and bodacious body, leave our laughs and my baddieness to miss Kylie Hayes. To Antonio, I leave all of the silly times we spent together (p.s.- I’m sure I will be seeing you on T.V. soon). I leave my quick learning skills at Newk’s to Morgan and Devyn; even though I’ll be there. I love y’all! I leave my memories, retweets, and kappa shimmying skills to CamBam. Houston, these four years have truly been a rollercoaster, and now it’s time for my to exit. Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.

I, Connie Strini, being of flirty mind and short body, leave Callie Strini the right to be Coach Wolff’s favorite. To Carson Blackfan and Emmett Whitaker, our carpool memories. To Gabby Little I leave our marriage, and finally I leave 6’2’’ Travis Arthur my heart #honest

I, Olivia Susen, being of scattered mind and injured body, leave Laura Phelps hours of watching Mr. Anderson’s podcasts, a winning field day team, and long nights in Eads. To Ben Leonard, I leave all my city hall meetings and relationship advice. And finally to Jackson, Garrett, Jordan, and Joe, I leave my DMs.

I, Eden Swinney, being of Jello-Pudding mind and Scarlett Johansson body, leave my locker to Spangler, my mello to Jandrei, my lucky ribbons to Boresky, my stress ball to Conrad, my spray-bottle to Matt, and all my puns to you guys. Enjoy your Junior year. I leave my patience to Nick Culver, you’re going to need it. I leave my sarcasm to Jessica Jagger, use it wisely. I leave my facial expressions to taylor Linney, they can speak louder then words. I leave my jokes to Hunter Johnson, you don’t need to always be serious. I leave my logic to Tessa Holloway, think outside the box. I leave my calender to you Seniors, appreciate the time you have left. I leave all of my french horn and mello phone talent to William, the best method to getting better is the one you make for yourself. I leave Kayla Parker the memories, the laughs, the tiaras, everything. Remember to be kind and strong. Mello Mama believes in you. Finally, I leave all of you my hugs, kisses, and love. Don’t grow up too fast. Listen to Bohemian Rapsody on blast. Make every year better than the last.

I, Amy Taylor, being of amazing mind and flawless body, leave our numerous Taco Bell runs to Penelope Brooks. I leave all my rants to Kailah Peters and all my advice to Lindsey Grill. Last but not least I leave Amanda Dunphy my heart.

I, Mathew Taylor, being of able mind and stout body, hereby leave my sacred football locker to Hardee Anderton. May you cherish your locker for the next two years, pass it on wisely. I leave Munford the sole leadership of the table. Be wise in your search for new recruits. I leave Charlotte Taylor my legacy of being the best office worker. May you fill out many excused notes in your future.

I, Rian Tyler, being of salty mind and average body, leave Ali Elahi HOSA and hope he runs the cub like the Great Frank Underwood. I leave Menzie Montgomery our mutual love of Harry Potter and our coincidently timed texts. I also leave Lauren and Rachel Lazure my confusion of who is who. I leave Grace Roehl “the book” and the eternal struggle of Chik-Fil-A putting pickles on our chicken sandwiches. I leave Payton Kinler, Aamir Robman, and Clayton Keller the struggle of Senior year.

I, Jill Thackston, being of a mind and a body, leave Lauren Tetleton the co-presidency of the Criminal Justice field of Skills USA, leave Hannah Thomas and Watson Isbell our small lot parking spots, and leave Sarah Marcom the responsibility of staying in school.

I, Abby Thomas, being of ditzy mind and basic body, leave Hannah Thomas Jake, Watson Isbell my parking spot in small lot, and Maddie Beaty car rides home with Hannah and Watson.

I, Kristin Thymius, being of sassy mind and lazy body, proudly offer these gifts and qualities to my dear friends. To Reese Crosby, I give you my beautiful flowing hair, take care of it. To Lindsey Grill, I give you my long talks and rants about everything. To Cydnee Young and Bailey Oiler, I leave you my Journey concerts and KISS Halloween parties, and remember, only the young don’t stop believing. To Taylor Linney, I leave my musical talent and all my struggles and difficuties. Last, but certainly not least, to Michael Collins, I leave my good looks and charm, my New York talks, really bad pictures, and remember that you only want more dough.

I, Sheila Tran, being of sassy mind and clumsy body,hereby leave Jiuru Zhu my food for the rest of the year. My marching clarinet will be left to Kristofer Preza. Nick Culver shall enjoy my watch, because it’s about time he gets his life together J. Janet and Jessica Tran will be left my room to do whatever they feel they should do with it. Hayden Lovelace will get nothing, because she doesn’t deserve my things. Lucia An shall get my flash tattoo because (owe her one.) My smiley eraser will be left to RJ Myers because he makes me laugh. Diamond Hilliard will get my ring, just because she’s better than Hayden.

I, Ashton “Ashy” Turner, being of wondering mind and bodacious body, I here by leave my shoe kingdom to the young Devante Dickerson. I leave my slaw checkin skills and my senioritis to my girl Hayden Lovelace. As for Diamond Hilliard… she gets nothing. Anyways, for all of you other inferior underclassmen, Goodluck, you’ll need it.