Senior Wills: P-R

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: P-R

I, Justin Park, being of straightforward mind and swole body, entrust the legacy of GainsBrigade to Conner Dacus. I give my little sister, Baili Park, my cool factor. I give Webb Piper the party animal inside of me.

I, Robyn Pennella, being of OG mind and robnasty body, leave Dima new legs to walk to the car faster, leave Malak the strength to endure 3 more years of high school and leave Naser placelessness. Lastly, I leave the best 4 years of your life to Houston Soccer. Thank you Wolff.

I, Mason Piper, being of whitty mind and tall body, leave behind the Cove in the football locker room to the upcoming seniors. I leave my brother, Webb, my locker in the Cove. May your senior year be fun and full of memories. I leave Munford the lunch table.

I, Olivia Rhodes, being of oblivious mind and preppy body, leave Julia Withers three more amazing years of high school. To Ashton, I leave a water bottle. To Spencer, I leave a poptart. To Mrs. Wallace, I leave a broken glass door. Lastly, I Leave Bridges and Keifer a cup of pee and a Sonic nerd slush. #StangGang

I, Maddie Richburg, being of Tennessee mind and Booyas body, leave Mary Haddow endless awkward situations, Olivia Brommer silly snapchats, Ally Denton and Kate Saldutti a place to stay in Knoxville and stress about grades, Hayden Lovelace my husband, my husband (Austin (Owan)) tasty burritos, Emily Butler SGA struggles, and the Mustang Mob lots of school spirit!! Finally, I leave my precious sisters, Emma, Sadie, and Posey, all of my love! Call and visit often because I’ll miss y’all more than you know! It’s been real, Houston! SGOD and GBO!

I, Lauren Riddick, being of scatter-brained mind and skinny body, leave the following: my amazing tennis skills to Menzie Montgomery (as long as she doesn’t hit the coach with a tennis ball); my adventuring skills to Brandon Maxwell (as long as he doesn’t fall into the Wolf River); my best friends who are going to Memphis to Phoebe Taylor (as long as she doesn’t try to drive with Kennedy); my days where I miss Caleb to Riley Hern (as long as she doesn’t walk 52 miles to Oxford to see him); and most of all, my heart and soul to JP Sims.

I, Jack Rude, being of short-tempered mind and burly body, leave Reid Blair my 90 mph club membership card, Ayrton Schafer pictures of Connor sleeping, Bryan Wixson I leave the Golden Rule: “Take care of your animal.” To Conrad Ray, I leave the exclusiveness and rarity of blue molded cleats, to Preston Collins I leave barnyard animal noises and Walgreens runs with Bryan, to Logan Farmer I leave the wing I raised you under, I leave B-Max bucket duty, I leave Dalton Foust our girl Camille. Finally, I leave Jack Kenley the regiment.