Senior Wills: N-O

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: N-O

I, Ronald Nelson, being of musical mind and salty body, leave my love of Friday night football games to the Alto section. To Aleena Geroge, I leave my cherished vibrato. To Tim Liang, I leave my sheer confusion of all things chemistry and to Brian Lively, my chill. To one lucky junior, I leave my drum major podium. To Joshua Lee, I leave PINOOOOOT NOOOIIIIR!! To Nick Culver, I leave my vocabulary and thick skin because you could use an upgrade in both departments buddy. To Antonio Scott, I leave my presidency (continue to represent). Finally to the flute section I leave some semblance of leadership, God bless you all. *drops mic*

I, Alexis Noisette, being of anxious mind and arthritis body, I leave long painful days of pre-cal to Stephanie Barton. I leave the strength to get through crazy cheer practices and conditioning to Taylor Dent. I leave goofiness, laughs, and fun times at practice to Hannah Haynes. I leave the long car rides to Pride and Memphis Elite and never giving me gas money to Carrington Rozier. Lastly I leave Courtney Noisette my love forever! I’ll miss our jam sessions after school and arguments before school!

I, Naaman Normant, being of humble mind and chilled body, leave my track spikes to Harrison Exley. My personality to my cousin, Antonio Scott. My memories to all of my loved ones.

I, Olivia Novotny, being of salty mind and ball is life body, give my saltiness to Madison Treas, vie and sky to Kylie Hayes, some Advil to Bronwyn, and everything else to Krysta Medearis aka Brenda.

I, Angelica Omar, being of swagtastic mind and Egyptian body, leave Kelly the numbers 3825, endless amounts of water balloons, and a year full of fun 6th periods. To Phoebe I leave another torturous year of math and the memories of green team. To Coach Becker I leave breakfast at Brother Juniper’s and to Konner I leave cotton candy ice cream, slaps in the face with pizza and frosting, and all of my used tissues.