Senior Wills: L-M

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: L-M

I, Victoria Lacey, being of sound mind and tired body, leave Houston as quickly as possible. I vow to never return to Houston if not under inescapable reason. I vow to leave with as much pride as possible. Also, I leave my underclassmen friends with the names of the teachers they should take. No one should suffer what we seniors have suffered. I take with me some of the best people I know and will miss many of them as we all depart to college. To end my testament, I’d like to leave everyone with this last bit of wisdom. “No one is the reason for your happiness, except you yourself.” Stay classy Houston.

I, Jessie Lee, being of hungry mind and Seoul-full body, leave our stifled laughs and secret snapchats to the Wind Ensemble flute section. To the future drum major(s), I leave my podium. It’s really scary at first so don’t fall off. To Nick Culver, I leave our Gov school memories and our pizza/Chinese food dance parties. Don’t you forget to live a little sometimes and ignore the haters. To Lexi Porter, I leave my yearbook memories in hopes that you make many of your own. And finally, to my brother, Joshua, I leave our precious car, Kymmi. I also leave our late night procrastination sessions and Netflix watching marathons. Don’t get caught since you won’t have me to be a lookout anymore. Oh, and don’t forget to call whenever you need to, because despite what you say, you will miss me. Lemon out.

I, Alexandra Lohrenz, being of sleepy mind and giraffe-life body, leave the defensive line to Olivia and Mason. For Sally, an abundance of yellow cards and normal headbands. I leave Nicolette my violent slashing techniques and my hated pet rabbit, Honey Bunny. To Gar, I leave my driving skills (I hope this helps). Laura, I leave you dress code violations and a University of Wisconsin acceptance letter. And for Annabelle, I leave sweet potatoes, Fantasia, and all of my love.

I, AJ Long, being of ambitious mind and short and compact body, I leave Virginia Ward the sweet sound of the 2:00 PM dismissal bell. I leave you with the sight of the close parking spot right up front (the one I never had a chance of getting my senior year because I was always late.) I leave you the sacchariferoustaste of Dunkin Donuts before school most days to start your day with a smile. I leave you with the aroma of pizza, popcorn, and smoothies in the lobby after school. Lastly, I leave you with my love. I leave you with the sense of belonging, security, and support of every teacher, friend, family member, and undeniably, me. Even though you will have to spend the next two years without me, remember how much I cherish every high school experience with you, baby sister. I’ll be waiting for you at Mississippi State. Best of luck and don’t give up. I believe in you.

I, Abbie Marcom, being of my mind and my body, leave Anna Paula Della Rosa 7th period SPED and #atown. I leave Sarah Marcom the Marcom name and my Lil Wayne CD. I leave Phoebe Taylor and Alex Mellinger the Dream Team and sonic corndogs. To Ellen Suchomel I leave Kendrick Lamar. I leave Bailey Rose the “bae” title. To Dewin Davis I leave Phoebe. And lastly I leave the junior class an amazing senior year. Enjoy it. #SGOD for life.

I, Allie Marcom, being of worried mind and pageant body, leave Rachel Gabriel and Kyle Needham morning car rides and a fierce Yoncé attitude. I leave the Marcom name to Sarah. You’re the last one so leave the legacy on a good note. I leave my beloved Best Buddies to Emily McFarland and Will Lowery. Take care of all my sweet buddies. To Kelsey Taylor, I leave my crazy good banjolele skills. Finally, I leave Dalton Foust Student Impact, Mr. Parker, sonic, and the Tennessee overall tradition. Wear them every Friday we play. To everyone at Houston High School, good luck and don’t blink. It goes faster than you think.

I, Ashley Markle, being of Ole Miss mind and babysitter body, leave Brandon Maxwell Kane Fly, you better take care of him. I leave Hayden and Austin annoying PDA. I leave Sally hugs. I leave Shelby Seifer Olivia Jones to take care of next year, love my little sisters, stick together. I leave Lauren Tetleton shoves in the hallway. I leave all the SGA babies TSpain, hold down the fort and keep it together. To Olivia Brommer, I leave TASC executive board and I leave her the kids I babysit, take care of my babies. To Rachel Wilson I leave you Sharptop where we bonded. To Kelsey and Meredith, I leave Coach Field and endless permission to go to the bathroom. Lastly, I leave Hailey Jeselson rants about annoying things and an open bed in Oxford any time.

I, Seamus McCormick, being of adventurous mind and chunky body, leave my younger sister Maggie 3 ore fun years in high school. To Nina I leave the number 1, Emily number 2, and Samantha number 3. To Haley Elliot I leave a lot of love and the opportunity to have a good senior year without me. To Tyra I leave some adventures, and to my good bud Reid Blair, I leave the nickname Moose, I hope you really, really enjoy it.

I, Collin McLeod, leave all of my things to Willy.

I, Niki Merkle, being of bubbly mind and awkward body, leave Taylor White many days of doing nothing all day and Mandy to drive around, Isabel Nobert all the Swanky’s, Sonic, and happy music in the world, and I leave Madelyn Malone, Ally Denton, Kate Saldutti, and Kylie Hayes nonstop Kardashian talks and Jamie Dornan.

I, Jordan Moodie, being of quiche mind and exhausted body leave Mary Haddow first period homework cram sessions, to McKenzie Malone the strength to tolerate “frat” boys, to Dyson Shaw hallway shoulder pokes, and to next year’s AP French class much needed access to the coffee maker.

I, Samantha Mooneyham, being of Starkville mind and fit body, hereafter leave Antonio Scott my talent of wandering the halls and my excessive intermingling with the administration, I leave Mrs. Jones our 4th period conversations about teacher service hours and your adorable grandkids, I leave Grace Rohel my basic tendencies and witty side comments, and I leave my heart and energetic to all who currently walk through the halls of Houston High. Thanks for the best 4 years, y’all& Hail State!

I, Jack Moran, being of scattered mind and sloth body, leave to Michael Moran much bigger shoes to fill than Richard bragged about leaving us in his senior will, leave to Gage Collins my inescapable senioritis, and leave to Ben Leonard my undying love of Australia. It’s been – ha! Get it? It’s Ben… – a lot of fun. Outrageous fun. I hope they don’t butcher my senior will because it’s a waste of space. And I hope I don’t drop out of college, unless it’s for a really good reason.

I, Sam Morris, being of clever mind and on-fleek body, leave my guard responsibilities to Katie Beth; my Beatles poster to Mike; the empty swing seat next to me to Mark; my late night phone calls and Nutella to Brittany; my Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell gift cards to Lindsey, and to the person I love most, Emily, I leave all my ear-buds, itunes gift cards and advice for a lifetime.

I, Chase Moss-Pioreck, being of DaOcho mind and frat body, get to leave the great number “Eight.” Chanse Pullen will carry the torch next season. With me leaving I leave a few things. I leave clamps to Kennedy Saunders, I leave my locker to Emmett Whitaker, with all the football in my life there’s not much left but I leave all I have left, heart, mind, and passion to Hailey Jeselson, I love you princess and thank you so much to perfecting my senior year there is no one I would have wanted to do it with. Thank you Houston, its been real. I’ll always be a mustang. Much love, Chase “Ocho” Moss-Pioreck.