Senior Wills: J-K

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: J-K

I, Janay Jeans, being of spectacular mind and sophisticated body; leave Sarah and the HHS Guard all my love, support, and funny remarks; Kennedie my wisdom and Morgan my charm; I leave the hot summer practices and the cold but amazing competitions with the Houston Band; Carrington, I leave my support and love and best wishes with cheer. Mrs. Davis, I leave our food talks and funny moments. I am so grateful for so many wonderful memories. Stay classy Houston. #SGOD

I, Trinity Jeffrey, being of Hail State mind and sun kissed body leave Antonio Scott the Editor position of The Pony Express next year. I also leave Nina Ziomek long, boring nights at Bangkok Alley. Lastly, I leave the future senior class a full year stress. Stay Classy Houston!

I, Jonathan Jennings, being of tired mind and youthful body, to Carson D. and Colin R. I leave countless memories on the field, to Fiser I leave all the sticks he strung for me and Chick-Fil-A fries, to Greyson V. and Quinn G. I leave the job as a captain, to James J. I leave the number 19 and my nickname “JJ,” to Jonathan R. I leave the responsibility of checking up on Allie, and to Allie I leave all of our Grizzlies dates, my smelly lacrosse gloves, all of my tardies, and “game day” pictures. It’s been a great four years as a Mustang and I’ll never forget the people or times I’ve had because of this school. Houston forever.

I, Justin Jones, being of enjoyable mind and hefty body, I leave my hairline to Uncle Mitchle, the football defensive line to RJ Myers. “My people, you gotta think before you move, you gotta speak before you cry, you gotta live before you die.” –Lil’ B #TYBG

I, William Keenan, being of no chill mind and savage body, leave Yak Squad to Jason Mars and Connors Young, and the spirit of Ole Besse to Collin Scott and Rex Jester. I leave shaving freshmen’s heads to Chi. To my sister, I leave slaw.

I, Sam King, being of okay mind and bumpin’ body, leave the storage building to JP; my mad chops to Jonny; my FL studio skills to Luke; my 90s pop music to Doug; and my terrible puns to Dave. To Folusho, you keep doing you, baby girl. King out **drops mic**