Senior Wills: H-I

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: H-I

I, Faith Hannah, being of peculiar mind and bombshell body, leave my sissy, Jillian, the strength to finish high school despite the challenges you may face. Tralaune, the empowerment to continue to be your own person. Keisa, the courage to obtain the things you desire. Sean Bichart III and Niles, I leave a semesters worth of life-filled intellectual conversations in 3rd period study hall.

I, Brian Harris, being of sharp mind and deceiving body, leave my kindness and generosity to Hannah Liang, my derminative and dedicatory characteristics to Christine Chong, my endurance to Lucia An, and my chair placement in the HHS Wind ensemble to Cydnee Young. Nick Culver, I would like to leave my inexplicable greeness to you. It is probably my most recognized characteristic. Cydnee, you have progressed SO much on the bassoon and thanks for joining and playing the piano with us in Fianbion. We’ve had a lot of great performances. My years at Houston High School have been great and unfortunately I not only have to leave some great friends behind, but also my grandmother (Vice Principal). Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you.

I, Ryan Harris, being of body mind and mind body, leave nothing to anybody. Swag.

I, Rebecca Hart, being of purple mind and asparagus body, leave Marah Barnhart OOSC, England, and Sasquatch, Allison Boden Christopher Columbus and the mooney face, Ben Leonard my ECS eagles school spirit, for Jonathan Scholes I leave Leonardo Dicaprio, I leave for Mallory Harbor our pride of falling with dignity, and for Leighton Sistrunk I leave the McAllister’s rehab employee and all the Sour Patch Watermelon Slices Target has to offer.

I, Madison Hayes, being of Maddawg mind and ATC body, leave Brooke Langange, Libby Greenway, Delaney, and Bryson Hayes the screaming and music-filled morning and afternoon car rides. I also leave y’all child locks and my impervious driving skills. I leave struggling in math and sassy jokes to the one and only, Allie Bailey. I leave my lack of directions and easy ability to get lost to Claire Jordan, Jullayne Curry, Kelsey Taylar, and Olivia “OG” sistrunk. To all the amazing girls of Dolce Bella I leave my love and dancing ability. I leave my patience and medical mind to the new HOSA Board, especially Laura Phelps. Lastly I leave my procrastination, “load” voice, embarrassing nick-names, late night frozen yogurt runs, and being your personal chauffeur to my twins, Delaney and Bryson Hayes.

I, Radazia Hayes, being of optimistic mind and strong body, leave my little sister Rajahae my wisdom and brains so she can pass her next math class. I’m also leaving the school buses you’ll ride. I also want to leave my toughness and braveness, you could start sticking up for yourself. Keep aiming for the stars little sis.

I, Austin Hazelgrove, being of arrogant mind and dad body, leave Brett Kittleson only one practice swing, Andrew Wood the ability to chill out and think logically, as well as unlimited barbed-wire fences. To Logan Farmer, I leave unimportant sports knowledge a body over 6 feet. And to my good pal Bryon Wixon, I leave an assortment of things: A great time in Paname City next year, Ching’s Wings, the ability to putt, and of course my bad habits. Thanks Houston, and Woo Pig!

I, Elliott Heck, being of aight mind and hot body, forgot to write my senior will and therefore leave everything to the only woman I have ever truly loved, Dylan Gatusso.

I, Carter Hill, being of witty mind and luscious body, give Ped Jampasut my winning smile and Joe Angelillo a firm handshake.

I, Camilla Holland, being of open mind and small body, leave 1st period Lifetime Sports comedy to Taylor Sanpietro and musical reviews to Alex Peppers. To Chandler Potter lots of smiles and love. To Dalton aka “Red” I leave my strong work ethic and determination. To Basel I leave my pleasant conversation skills and a ticket to next year’s prom. To Abi Crigler and Juliana Stanford I leave my “your face” jokes. To James and Will Lowery I leave my favorite Miss Carter.

I, Rachel Hormberg, being of woodchuck mind and powderpuff body, leave to Erika and Cayce, the health and well-being of the football team and all of the laughs and adventures that will come along with your senior season. Don’t forget to sweep and mop at least once a week. Love you both dearly #SGOD

I, Adam Itayem, being of rare mind and Meyati body, will Carson Dargie a scrong sock game; Jack Mayfield, Will Fiser, and Andrew Wood 3 mile walks on the highway; Campo to continue being a baby and leave you money for a new binky. I bequeath Dimitri to the lovely Cali… please take care of him. Lastly, I leave attempting to film HNN News with a sub to all the future film classes. Grateful for all Houston has provided me with and blessed to be able to call myself a Stang for the rest of my life. #SGOD

I, Nick Ivie, being of metagrobolized mind and bodacious body, leave the legacy of the outdoor table to any juniors who feel worthy of the pact, and the lacrosse team long practicing with Joe stick skills. I leave Dirty Mike and the Boys the best luck and good times in Knoxville. Finally, I leave Phoebe Taylor Tylenol for the fever.