Senior Wills: F-G

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: F-G

I, Jack Fagan, being of organized mind and swimmers body, leave Lauren Tetleton my knowledge of how many feet are in a yard (3), Max Jarels my not funny jokes and Spence Nance my funny jokes. I guess both of you also get the swim team. To my sister I leave 3 more years of mom and dad… and Stephanie I leave awkward stares in physics.

I, McKayla Falch, being of awkward mind and spazzy body, I give my interpretive dancing skills to Lauren Angelilo. Kyle Needleham my weekends and snapchat stories. Allie Bailey the confidence of feeling beautiful inside and out. Jonathan Scholes my 11:11 tweets. Houston Choirs the notes that I sing correctly. And finally, I give David Fort my heart.

I, Camille Flint, being of crazy mind and interesting body, leave Skylar, Ashley, and Taylor my wicked volleyball skills, my awesome advice, and my love for Kate. You guys are really sweet and will be missed. To my brothers Alex and Daniel, I leave my nonexistent alarm clock so that you wake up in time for the bus, my extensive music collection to jam to on all of those long car trips to Louisiana, and my cooking skills so that you won’t go hungry while I’m away. I leave Kylie and Brittany my love for Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy. I also leave you guys tons of happiness in your senior year. To Ruby, Jacob, and Jillian I leave my wittiness, my ability to laugh at all of Mr. Robinson’s jokes and my passion for telling Patrick to be quiet. I leave Kate and Ally all of my boy problems, my undying love for Amanda Bynes in “She’s the Man” and my jealousy for your amazing friendship. Finally I leave Conner and Maya my ability to turn up at all times. Please use it wisely.

I, Terricka Foster, being of creative mind and bodacious body, leave my good spirits and big smiles to the one and only Colby Terrell. I also leave to her my wisdom and advice for her to use and to remember for future choices and decisions. I leave to my choir girls my fierce attitude and daily turn up! To my brother, Eric Foster, I leave my love and motivation in hopes that you have an amazing Freshman year. You all can always call me and expect an answer. I love you guys, and good luck on your own journeys.

I, Javen Fox, being of mystical mind and huggable body, leave not only to the seniors that shall come after me but to those all the way to the middle schoolers. “Give us your struggling, your tardy, your clowns, and your failing students.” Houston will bring the comfort, safety, and help they need to surpass instead of survive. I speak from experience on this, no one is truly alone here from students to teachers. “In the borrowed car charger words of call of duty black ops 1. In Houston we all are mustangs!” These are my final words for my brother and sister Houston. “Stay strong, stay kind, and stay mustang.” P.S. my last words to you Mr. Becker and you Mr. Junaeu, “Manowar!” That is all.

I, Katie Gaushell, being of caffeine crazed mind and immaculate body, leave Lauren Tetleton the Attendance Office and all of the candy in Mrs. Gahan’s bucket. Also, I leave her the bully box and the funny stories inside. I leave Callie and Mary Parker Apples to Apples. I leave Emily the senior lunch table and I leave Sally her unusual snapchats. Lastly, I leave Andrea our “sweet” friendship.

I, Steven Gibson, being of ocarina mind and tasty body, leave my ocarina remnants to Mark Hyman. I pray for Cameron Gibson’s full success and a high-school experience full of dorkiness. May all video game nerds unite after my departure. The blood of the ocarina shall flow through the veins of these young ones. Praise be to God!

I, Justin Gould, being of average mind and decent body, leave Raquel, Myla, and T-slice the corner of M107. I leave Austin my key to the third floor pool, Sam my rare stamps collection, Jordan my get psyched mix, Embutt awkward Friday nights with no plans, and I leave Sally absolutely nothing. I leave all of SGA the wisdom of our fallen brother Emery.

I, Austin Gray, being of flow mind and lacrosse body, leave Logan Farmer the 5’8 and below club and the soft peace sign, Arsalin Lakhani the flow, Josh Moss Jekyll Island and amazing speeches, and Ty and Stefano chawww. Connor is Young and Jason on Mars get the ropeswing. I bequeanth driving school to Rex Jester and my underwear to Mary Parker I leave Collin Scott nothing but good memories. I also leave the pack to whatever upcoming seniors feel worthy of the calling. Finally, I leave the chill to no one.

I, Kennedie Griggs, being of rockin’ mind and awesome body, leave all my compassion advice to Sigrid Ostegroud and Caroline Draffin as well as my government notes. I leave all my No Fear Shakespeare books to CJ as well as all my love and anything that he wanted to hold but I wouldn’t give to him. I leave all underclassmen this piece of advice: Work hard, party harder, it’ll be over before you know it.