Senior Wills: C-D

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills

Senior Wills: C-D

I, Aja Canyon, being of laid-back mind and Chocolate body, I leave Krishundra Moore my Iphone 5 charger so your phone may always be on and you can’t take marvelous selfies. I also wish you the best of luck on your senior year. NO SLACKING!

I, Benny Carroll, being of intelligent mind and swole body, wish Houston Football the best of luck for next year and years to come. I leave my cove spot in the backroom to Zach Childress. Rep it well stud. I leave my regards to next year senior guys to do it big next year. Finally, I want to wish Drew Dowdy a great second senior year. #SGOD

I, Colby Cartwright, being of sound mind and sound body, give my spot in the cove to an athlete that id better than me. Seth, I’m gonna miss running along side you in sports. I’m glad it was you that always came and executed when I got tired in football. Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Love you Seth. And to those who received a gift from me I hope you use it before every game. I was gifted with one my freshman year and have used it every football and lacrosse season. Make the most of your sports and your time in Highs

I, Knox Cleveland being of bridge math mind and pasty body, leave nothing but love and the rest of my pastiness to my brother Kirk Cleveland. I leave my title of “White Lightning” and the protection of the long jump pit to Jack Wilson. I leave the rest of my athletic ability and all my swag to Brittany Spencer. Use it well Brittany it is VERY valuable. Bless you all. Kelsi Miller.

I, Rylan Colwell, being of pure mind and Godly body, leave all my love to that special lady. All my fresh kicks I leave to Kirk Cleveland. I leave my rastafied dreads to Sam Ellis. I leave my wisdom to the ambitious youth, the ones who don’t circum to the false truths.

I, McKenna Cope being of sarcastic mind and feline body, leave Calli my cat and my sister. I leave Andrew, Jack, Sam Brady, and Brett the Halle Legacy. To Bayanne peaches. I leave Jimmy all of the cats. Lastly, I leave Ashton snapchats of mom, free meals, and good music.

I, Kayla Copeland, being of intellectual mind and extravagant body, leave my motherly instincts in the trumpet section to Jenna, my relationship advice, kindness, and sassiness to Katilyn & Jermain, my trumpet playing skills to Aaron and Grant, my attitude, lame jokes, style, and the stand room to Brandon Moses, my popularity to Alex, Mark, Colin, & Keaton.

I, Sam Corcaran, being of sharp mind and epic body, leave the back row the kicker, lunch room political discussions to Michael, I leave the Trap team to Reece and Corey, truck talk to Cody and lastly to my dear Emma I leave you… NOTHING, at all.

I, Danyal Cotardia, being of sound mind and? body leave Phu an extra set of eyebrows just incase.

I, Maggie Crigler, Being of enthusiastic mind and dazzling body, will be leaving behind my fun childhood memories to my sister, Abby. I leave all our after school adventures to my other sister, Shannon Sharp. To Elle Herd, I leave all our beach memories. Sarah Flesher. I leave all our award winning pep talks before every bat. To James, Caroline, and Katherine I leave our laughs and smiles. To Alliei leave our lunches together. To Ms. Carter I leave all our math tutoring sessions and your words of wisdom. To my teams, I leave the dugout, locker room. Jumpshots, and homerun memories. Thanks for a great 4 years.

I, Eric Diaz, being of stubborn mind and gorgeous body, leave my football number to anyone who wants it just promise me you wont be as lazy as I was in it, and work harder than me. Same thing goes to my cove seat. Lastly, I wish all the luck in the world to the next football season, and my favorite person ever Abigail Jones. Stop getting hurt!

I, Paula Diaz, being of Intellectual mind and Goddess body, leave my foreign swag to my German babies. I leave my Intelligence to J.Wolfie and luck to Josh Groover. I leave my spicy character to everyone to inherit.

I, Jamal Dillard, being of frat mind and athletic body, I leave my reputation to Marcus Dillard, I’ll give Quinn Gardener my washcloth nickname, Jackson McCrary you get my smelly lake shoe, Mary Hadow my leadership position in FCA, Lulu Sears you can take the front seat now, Claire Henry a seat belt. Alright I’m out. BYE.