Senior Wills: A-B

Houston High School’s class of 2015 leaves their memories to underclassmen in their Senior Wills.

Senior Wills: A-B

I, Oshi Amro, being of no-chill mind and swollcity body, leave the BDP to Connor Young, red headphones to Connor Casserta, Logan Thornburg my ability to whoop him at Fifa. Kyle, Chi, and Ty get my car, and little Jaida gets my brand new Jordans. Sebastian and Stefano can share my small bag of hot chips. Casserta, I lied you aren’t getting your headphones back.

I, Alexa Lyn Armstrong, being of creative mind and well-built body, leave my fellow partner in crime and sister, Kayan Davis, the wish of a fantastic year in school and color guard. For my friend Caroline Cook, may life for you be lots of laughs and bold outcomes. To Emily Depriest, may color guard be a bast by making everyones day with your amazing personality and smile. To Josh and all the other friends I’ve made here at Houston, I will miss you and be fabulous. To Jim Smith, thank you for all the wonderful shows: See Rock City, The Grieving Tree, Porgy and Bess, and Reflections of Earth, but not only that helping me become a better person and color girl. To Sarah Tyler, thank you for being an extreme cool and awesome guard coach. To The Houston Band… for ya’ll to do your best, have fun, and win your competitions with style. But if not, take it with a gran on salt and do better.

I, Sam Armstrong, being of mischievous mind and flawless body, leave Matt Taylor the future of the band program. To Nate Jones, I leave the endless driving to MSSA every Friday. As for my trombone family, I leave you guys talent and all of the hot three hour practices; oh, and the TVA. For Mark Hymon, I leave endless hours of rehearsal and Elsa’s Procession. It will never be the same. To Rocio, I leave you the responsibility of keeping the section in line. Good Luck. To Lindsay, Penelope, Samantha, Alexis, Christina, Emily, and occasionally various other people, I leave spending stupid amounts of time at Lindsey’s house and summer concerts at Levitt Shell. Finally, to Marah and Kaitie, I leave all of our diagnostic struggles. Thanks for a great year.

I, Carissa Bailey, being of sound mind and bodacious body, bequeath Jayla Smith a spoon to leave in someone else’s car every morning and Taylor Dent my phone number to call me every time she leaves something at home and expects me to get it.

I, Elena Baldree, being of creative mind and invisible body, live life to the fullest. Be you. You never know who loves the person you hide. #bandnerd4life

I, Micheal Barnett, being of strong mind and average body, would like to thank my school for teaching me faith and understanding despite the hardships I have endured to get to where I am now. With both these virtues and all my interactions with other people, I believe Houston has made me into a knowledgeable and endeavoring leader. I hope that all the future senior classes will remember these two phrases: “Semper Fiedeles” and “Semper Vigilan.” These two phrases I’ve learned from my experience in ROTC and I incorporated them both in my education, and they helped me keep the values of integrity and honesty. If one lacks motivation, then one lacks the drive to succeed, so don’t ever give up, but rather finish stronger then when you started strong.

I, Tristan Barton, being of Switchfoot mind and guitar-playing body, leave the following people my last few possessions. To Meghan, I give my oboe skills. To Nolan, I give my position in Jazz Band. To the trombone section, I give the right to know that our section is the best. To Mr. Smith, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Nesvick, I leave the wonderful memories I have made being a part of The Houston Band. And to Lily, I give my heart.

I, Abriel Bell, being of overly dedicated mind and Top Dawg body, leave endless squad turn ups to Brandom Moses, Isaiah Hudges, D’vonte Dickerson, Morgan Siger, Ayanna Sain, Nick O’conner, Grant Butler, Jonathan Hicks, Jordan Holley, Marln Lukaszewski, and Tralaune Long. I hope yall keep the leaving squad members legacy alive lol. Peace:)

I, Caroline Elise Bergin, being of intelligent mind and beautiful body, give my life and soul to the Houston Guard, use it wisely my little guardlings, and for goodness sake, beat Munford. As for all my fabulous stories, they shall continue to live on through Katherine, my twin from junior year. I leave my blonde-moments to Lily, the craziest asian I’ve ever known (besides Angel). I leave my doorless locker that shall never be fixed to Julia Sullavin, may it help you forever make wise decisions. I leave my personality to the only person of which I confined all of my secrets, never judged, and accepted all my weirdness, Roger… the great and powerful Roger, he is amazeballs… May he reign forever!

I, Ethan Billions, being of considerate mind and solid body, leave the face-off X to Kohl. I leave post-practice talks to Greyson and trust he will choose worthy members. The Total Freshman Moves will always belong to Will and Emerson. Stay Classy Houston #SGOD
P.S.  Dargie Pls

I,Pamela Blasani, being of reckless mind and Venezuelan body, leave Stefano and Alora early 6am car rides to school and the joyful rides back home, Mackenzia a full lunch account. I also leave all my crazy Friday nights to Taylor, and all those girls an amazing senior year. I will miss you all so much.

I, Ray Bogan, being of sound mind and fit body do bequeath countless cols, winter, practices: cauliflower ear, bloody noses, and bruised shoulder; and an intense passion for winning to the Germantown Rugby Club. We were never the biggest, but always the scrappiest. To my peers, I leave the confidence I had in myself. I hope that in some way, it encouraged others to believe in themselves even when it feels like no one else does.

I, Justin Bradley, being of wandering mind and average body, leave the pact of sitting outside for lunch everyday to any juniors that feel the calling. I leave Anna Della Rosa my stilts because she is super short. I leave Phoebe Taylor Tylenol Extra Strength. To Eric Bradley I leave the combination to the super secret lock box behind the visitor bleachers in the Varsity gym. It is 32-16-

I, Logan Brown, being of FIFA mind and towering body, do hereby leave the following: to Nick Larkin I leave the joke of the day. To Stephanie Barton I leave memories of class with our favorite teacher. To Payton Johnston I leave the correct spelling of the word “gym”, and to Logan Farmer I leave prestigious 5’8” and Below Club and the middle name David

I, Madison Buford, being of loving mind and small body, leave Olivia Holmes infinite car rides, tiring lacrosse practices, my quick speed, and lots of pictures together, Garrett Holmes RNB, Sarah Grace Stagoski, Nicolette Lhommeau, and Caroline Dargie their first baseball game and Caroline’s mailbox. I leave Brandon Maxwell our love/hate relationship and our attendance office memories. Jackson McCray my hatred for Biomed, and lastly Annika Rayburn and Rivers Whitaker, our many choir memories, our crazy car ride downtown to sing, infinite fights and make ups, all my advice and of course all my love.

I, Riley Buford, being of Rebel mind and Hotty Toddy body, I leave Emily Jernigan awkward times in the attendance office, Kylie Gentner my obsession with Mumford & Sons, Noelle Beard HOSA Nationals, Hayden Lovelace a place to stay in oxford, AND FINALLY TO Annika Rayburn and Rivers…thank you for letting me be like y’alls big sis. To Rivers I leave cell block tango, long rants about choir, and funny vines. To my baby sis Annika I leave our relationship talks, 5 years of friendship, and being the first I invite to my “wedding”. I love you two so much and I wish y’all the best senior year!! Thank you HHS for all the memories. XOXO

I, Keifer Byrd, being of sound mind and sound body, leave Bryan Wixson the trips to the J. Bridges Topton the seshes, “Oh we get live” to Aryton Schafer, and my managerial duties to Payton Johnston, Dalton Foust, and Cameron Dooley. I would also like to leave my fat clouds to Reid Blair, and all the Shenanigans to Jack Kenley.