Baseball Boys Bringing It In

Baseball Boys Bringing It In

Ashley Markle , Reporter

Houston High School’s baseball team contains a lot of promise for the season. Both the Junior Varsity and Varsity have the talent necessary to make it far. Head Coach Lane McCarter, confirmed, “Year in and year out there is a ton of talent here at Houston.  This area is known for its baseball. That is what makes this a great baseball school.”

With the season already in swing, the team has had to have indoor practices due to weather. You would expect this to hurt them, however nothing can hold back the mustangs. McCarter stated, “This has been the worst spring as far as I can remember weather wise.  Both teams have done a great job of handling it.  It is tough to have to practice inside so much but both teams have shown maturity in handling this.”

Some have questioned how the younger Junior Varsity will handle their first season on a high school team. Freshman pitcher, Zach Holtz, has already seen improvement; “I would say that the team has gotten a lot better through workouts and practices from where we started. Everyone has made changes from where they originally were and from that we have gained a lot of strength as a team.” In the upcoming week, JV will play Collierville, our greatest rival, three times, and on top of that they will go against Christian Brothers High School later. When asked about the talent on the team, Holtz said, “We have quite a few freshman starting who are very good and the sophomores of the team make up the other half of the starters. The sophomores are good hitters and very fundamentally sound in the field. We have a lot of talent that will only continue to get better.” McCarter knows it takes time and practice to grow stronger, “High school sports are a sprint not a marathon and you have to be able to handle it and bounce back quickly.”

In the tournament over spring break, our Varsity Mustangs secured a win in Atlanta, Georgia. Recapping over the week’s games, Senior pitcher, Jack Rude, gave his input on the teams abilities, “Our strengths way outnumber our weaknesses in my opinion by a large margin but if I had to say, our main strengths are hitting and pitching, both have been proficient this far. As for our weaknesses, I’d be tentative to say base running and fielding and the only reason I’d say that is because it’s early in the season and no one plays mistake free this early in the year.”

The talent carries on up to the Varsity team. Junior infielder, Jack Kenley, says “Our team is talented all across the field. And everyone in the dugout can contribute as well. We as a team have fun during games, and I believe it is unmistakably one of our greatest strengths.” The team is going to need all of their strength. “On April 4th we play a 14th game in a stretch of 10 days against Collierville. Coming out of a schedule like that will be tough for us all.” McCarter also had a few things to say about his team’s abilities, “Some strengths and weakness to this point are just trying to be very consistent day in and day out it is usually easier for varsity teams to be able to handle that because they understand how quickly the season goes.  High school sports are a sprint not a marathon and you have to be able to handle it and bounce back quickly.”

With state in mind, Rude informs me, “ I don’t doubt this teams ability in the slightest that we will make it, but the challenging part will be catching fire at the right time to propel ourselves to the last game as we did the year before. I’m really excited to see what we can do and no matter what, I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish here on the field these past few years together.” Coach McCarter mirrored his opinion by saying “Going to state is an honor and one of the main goals each and every year.  It is a very difficult task but each year we feel like if we are playing our best baseball down the stretch we have as good a shot as anybody in this area.”

Good luck Mustangs, we know y’all will do great things this season!