Houston has a late start

Angelica Omar , Reporter

Due to the excessive amount of snow days, Germantown Municipal School District (GMSD) has decided that Houston High School will start 45 minutes later than usual. This later start is to make up for the loss of teacher in-services that were supposed to occur during the snow days. On April 1, 7, 16, and 22, classes will not begin until 7:45 but will end at 2:00as usual. This change will not affect Horizons Field Day on the 16th.

The biggest concern most students have is “How will this affect lunches?” Have no fear Houston all students will still get lunch, but the times are just slightly different. The two minute break between B and C lunches still remains and the times of the lunches are as follows: A lunch will be from 10:52- 11:15, B lunch will be from 11:15-11:38, C lunch will be from11:40-12:03, and D lunch will be from 12:03-12:26.
Regarding transportation, buses will continue to arrive at the same time as a normal school day, 6:45, however the students on those buses, and the ones that show up before 7:30, will be put in monitored places such as study hall or the cafeteria.
The class schedule on the specific four days will be as follows with lunches placed at the times already listed above:
1st period 7:45-8:31
2nd period 8:37-9:18
3rd period 9:24-10:05
4th period 10:11-10:52
5th period 10:58-12:26
6th period 12:32-1:13
7th period 1:19-2:00
Enjoy your few late starts Houston because after these we will not have another day off from school until summer.